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HOS804 Stakeholder Assessment Report

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HOS804 Stakeholder Assessment Report :

HOS804 Stakeholder Assessment Report
HOS804 Stakeholder Assessment Report
Subject TitleVisitor Behaviour and Management
Subject CodeHOS804
LecturersDr Chengeto Chaderopa & Dr Feras Orekat
TermFebruary 2023 Trimester
Assessment TitleStakeholder Assessment Report
Learning Outcome/s1, 2, 5
Assessment type (group or individual)Individual
Word count1500 words excluding executive summary, references and appendices
Due dateSunday 12 March 23:59hrs – Week 5
Class submissionLectureTutorial ☐  
Submission typePaper copyTurnitin   
 Format / Layout of AssessmentReport:  x x x x x x x x x
 ICMS Cover Page
 Table of Contents
 Executive Summary
 Reference List
 Assessment instructionsTourists/visitors are motivated to attend a destination for many different reasons. Understanding visitors and their motivation is one of the keys to a destinations long term sustainability as an attractive tourist destination
 In this report, you are expected to choose a destination you have NOT been to before from somewhere in North America and using tourist/visitor motivation theory and analysis of the destination identify at least two recommendations for the destination to assist them in to be competitive in the long term. This will require you to research and detail the following: An overview of the destination, including geographical information, unique selling points (USP’s), visitor experiential components and identification of the key stakeholders responsible
  for promoting and managing the sustainability of the destination. Analysis of the three (3) main motives for tourists to visit this destination.Identification of the main competitor destination of your chosen destination and an analysis of the destinations relative strengths and weaknesses for attracting visitors.Identification of any environmental, ethical, political or cultural/social issues that may impact the success of this destination in attracting these visitors in the long term.Conclusions regarding the strategic challenges the destination faces to remain competitive.At least two (2) recommendations on how this destination can prosper long term.     *The Report must be well researched (based on relevant and reliable sources) and written in an academic style, approx. 1500 words in length (not including executive summary, reference list or any appendices).   Be particularly careful to avoid plagiarism that is, passing other people’s work off as your own (academic theft). Penalties for plagiarism are heavy and may include failure in the course.   The four main criteria for success: 1.Insight – The report should demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the destination/attraction experiential services and qualities, and tourist/visitor motivation theory 2.Substantiation – The report should be underpinned by course material and additional readings around the topic. 3.Clarity and structure – The report should be well structured and clearly presented 
 Readings for the assessment (instructions where they can be found e.g. MyAthens database, Moodle etc.)Relevant readings can be found on Moodle and via the EBSCO databases
 Grading Criteria / RubricMarking rubric is available on Moodle


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