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HI6008 Literature Review

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HI6008 Literature Review :

HI6008 Literature Review
HI6008 Literature Review

Group Assessment

Cover Page

Unit DetailsNameBusiness Research Project
Year, Trimester2023 Trimester 1
Assessment DetailsNameLiterature Review
Due Date and WeekFriday of Week 9
Group Student DetailsStudent IDFirst NameFamily NameWork Contribution
Group Submission DeclarationIntegrity DeclarationStudent IDFull NameSubmission Date
We have read and understand academic integrity policies and practices and our assessment does not violate these.   


Academic Integrity InformationHolmes Institute is committed to ensuring and upholding academic integrity. All assessment must comply with academic integrity guidelines. Important academic integrity breaches include plagiarism, collusion, copying, impersonation, contract cheating, data fabrication and falsification. Please learn about academic integrity and consult your teachers with any questions. Violating academic integrity is serious and punishable by penalties that range from deduction of marks, failure of the assessment task or unit involved, suspension of course enrolment, or cancellation of course enrolment.
Format InstructionsAssessments must be in MS Word format with no spacing, 11-pt Calibri font and at least 2cm margins on all four sides with appropriate section headings and page numbers.You must name your file with the Unit Code and Group Number (e.g. “HI6008 Group 4”).Check that you submit the correct document as special consideration is not granted if you make a mistake.Student IDs need to be indicated on the cover page. Non-contributing students do not receive marks.
PenaltiesAll work must be submitted on Blackboard by the due date and time along with a completed Assessment Cover Page. Late penalties apply.Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using Holmes Institute Adapted Harvard Referencing. Penalties are associated with incorrect citation and referencing.
Purpose of the assessmentCarry out a basic review of relevant literature for each of the Research Questions (8 academic articles are required, plus optionally a business report and/or a relevant current news item). Unless you are a SOLO GROUP (i.e. one person working alone) this assignment also requires the addition of an appendix in which you list the student numbers and names of your team members and complete a Team Charter, indicating what role(s) each has contributed. A brief presentation in-class may be requested by your lecturer or tutor or unit coordinator. If so you will be notified by email. Matches to Unit Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Weight50 % of the total assessments
Total Marks50
Word limit2500 words for the Literature Review [Note that a Team Charter, which is to be appended unless your group is ‘solo’, is additional to the word-count of the Literature Review]
HI6008 Literature Review

*Note: Students are required to form groups consisting of 4 students per group. If you are unable to form a group, you will have to undertake this assignment as a ‘solo-group’, in which case you must enroll yourself as a group of 1 (i.e. you). You will not be able to submit your assignment unless you are OFFICIALLY enrolled into a group.

Assignment 1 Specifications


This unit aims to give you an opportunity to combine many facets of your acquired MBA skills into the production of a high-quality research Literature Review. Your tutor’s main role will be to FACILITATE you through the process, week by week. You will need to be watching to the weekly video lectures as well as attending tutorials and engaging in discussion with your tutor during the interactive tutorials and drop-in sessions.

Assignment 2 – Literature Review

Your Literature Review research must and include a mix of academic articles from relevant English

language peer-reviewed journals that are current (post 2018) and may also include some industry / company-specific information obtained from published online open-access sources. You will form a group with three other students (i.e. the specified size of an assignment group in this unit is 4

persons). Please follow the instructions in the Blackboard site of this unit regarding assignment group formation.

You must address first two projects presented in the video of Canadian Dragon’s Den:

The following Research Question (RQ) is specified:

Why is The Mossify Mister business considered a better investment proposition than the Unightie Ultra Light one?

Break the RQ down into the following 4 categories:

1.       The Return on Investment perspective

  • The Sustainability perspective

3.       The Mentorship perspective

  • The Entrepreneurship perspective

In your analysis you must cite at least 8 relevant literature sources and these must include the following 4:

Nikolic, B. & Robinson, D. 2013. A pathway to sustainable business success in SMEs through innovative leadership processes and synergizing principles The Journal of American Business Review. Pages 1-11

(you will need to access the full-text) ness_Success_in_SMEs_Through_Innovative_Leadership_Processes_and_Synergizing_Pri


Robinson, D. A. & Nikolic, B. P. 2013. A Stairway to the Stars: Monitoring Sustainability Performance in SMBs. Journal of Business Systems, Governance and Ethics. Vol 9, Issue 1: 23-38 (you will need to access the full-text) oring_Sustainability_Performance_in_SMBs

Robinson, D.A. and Harvey, M., 2008. Global leadership in a culturally diverse

world. Management Decision, 46(3), pp.466-480. (you will need to access the full-text) untid=30552

Robinson, D.A. & Yannakou, K. 2016. Building trust and agreement in negotiations. Business Review Cambridge, Vol 24, No. 2. December 2016: 15-20.


Assignment 1 – Literature Review – Required Structure

Your Literature Review Report should be in accordance with the following structure:

Text Box: 1.	Page 1: Official Group Assignment Cover Sheet (from Blackboard site)
2.	Page 2 and main body of report: Discuss relevant literature and demonstrate how it has provided you with a good contextual understanding of each of the Research Questions (RQs).
3.	Append your Team Charter (unless you are working Solo)
HI6008 Literature Review

Team Charter Appendix

Your ‘Team Charter’ must be included as an appendix within your Literature Review submission. The Team Charter appendix must indicate what roles were undertaken by each member of the team..

[note: If you are working SOLO, the team charter appendix is NOT required.]

  1. Explain the team’s agreed goals and timeline for completion (Due dates, meetings, milestones, deliverables)

2.       Who will be responsible for each activity? and/or What particular team-roles will each member contribute to the team?

  • How will your team ensure that members contribute as expected to the team and that the team performs as expected, including: What are your team’s expectations regarding

meeting attendance (being on time, leaving early, missing meetings, etc.) and what process will team members follow if they have an emergency and cannot attend a team meeting or complete their individual work promised to the team (deliverable)?

Team Charter must be the last page of your Literature Review submission.


Submit the assignment as a single document, including the Holmes official COVER SHEET as the first page and then the body of your report correctly structured, followed by your Reference List and then the Team Charter Appendix.

HI6008 Assignment 1 – Topic Development – Marking Rubric

1. Structure of the Literature Review ReportReport is correctly structured in all respects [10]Report is correctly structured in most respects [8]Report is somewhat correctly structured [6]Report is of questionable structure   [4]Structure is unsatisfactory   [2]
2. Literature search and sourcesAt least 8 current academic sources including all 4 of those specified, well summarised and integrated relative to each of the RQs [20]8 academic sources, including the 4 specified, are well summarised and a good attempt has been made to integrate [16]Academic sources include all 4 of those specified, and 4 more which are sufficiently summarisedQuestionable academic sources or discussion OR not all 4 of the specified resources were accessed, referenced, and correctly used OR no additional sources were accessed OR more than 4 additional sources       [8]Insufficient demonstration of ability to search for and apply academic literature OR none of the specified resources were used.
3.Info and FlowInformation is highly-relevant and flows with a high degree of logic [10]Information is relevant and flows logically   [8]Information is somewhat relevant and has some logical flow [6]Information is lacking relevance and/or logical flow [4]Information is irrelevant or does not flow   [2]
4.Overall ImpressionThe report is very professional and an exemplar of outstanding academic research at AQF level 9 [10]The report is professional and an example of good academic research at AQF level 9 [8]The report represents a satisfactory example of academic research at AQF level 9 [6]The report has some deficiencies relative to academic research at AQF level 9 [4]The report is NOT representative of academic research at AQF level 9 [2]
Penalties: Late submission: …………. Days @ -5% per day = …………………. no team charter -10% (unless solo group) No cover sheet / incorrect / inaccurate / not single document @ -10% Non-compliant referencing @-10%Total/50
HI6008 Literature Review

Student Assessment Citation and Referencing Rules

Holmes has implemented a revised Harvard approach to referencing. The following rules apply:

  1. Reference sources in assignments are limited to sources that provide full-text access to the source’s content for lecturers and markers.
  • The reference list must be located on a separate page at the end of the essay and titled: “References”.
  • The reference list must include the details of all the in-text citations, arranged A-Z alphabetically by author surname with each reference numbered (1 to 10, etc.) and each reference MUST include a hyperlink to the full text of the cited reference source.

For example:

7. Hawking, P., McCarthy, B. & Stein, A. 2004. Second Wave ERP Education, Journal of Information Systems Education, Fall,

  • All assignments must include in-text citations to the listed references. These must include the surname of the author/s or name of the authoring body, year of publication, page number of the content, and paragraph where the content can be found. For example, “The company decided to implement an enterprise-wide data warehouse business intelligence

strategy (Hawking et al., 2004, p3(4)).”

Non-Adherence to Referencing Rules

Where students do not follow the above rules, penalties apply:

  1. For students who submit assignments that do not comply with all aspects of the rules, a 10% penalty will be applied.
  2. Students who comply with rules BUT their citations are ‘fake’ will be reported for academic misconduct.

End of Assessment


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