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MGT604 Managing In Global Context

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MGT604 Managing In Global Context :

MGT604 Managing In Global Context
MGT604 Managing In Global Context

     ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE                                                                                                         

Subject TitleManaging in Global Context
Subject CodeMGT604
Lecturer / Tutor   Dr Esther Chaderopa and Ilona Vass
SemesterOctober 2022 Mid-term
Assessment TitleAssessment 3. Research Essay
Learning Outcome/s  Analyse and interpret the diverse socio-cultural context in which global companies operate   In a teamwork environment, analyse and compare organisational behaviour across countries and cultures.   Apply advanced theoretical concepts and analytical skills to develop evidence-based decisions to address contemporary global management issues.   Critically evaluate major cultural attributes, including communication styles and ethical relativism, to inform management decision making.   Apply critical thinking, leadership and problem-solving to enhance organisational business operations and stakeholder management.
Assessment type (group or individual)Individual
Word count2,500 words
Due dateWeek 10 (see the deadline on Moodle site)
Class submissionLecture               ☐                      Tutorial ☐
Submission typePaper copy         ☐                     Turnitin ✓
Format / Layout of Assessment (details of what to include)  ICMS Cover Page Introduction Importance of the issues Literature review Analysis Concluding recommendations Assignment must be written by using an essay format. Please refer to ICMS Style Guide.✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Assessment instructions  Based on the previously chosen research question, findings from the Annotated Bibliography (Assignment 2), write a 2,500-word Research Essay. Drawing on additional current research sources, formulate your own argument and give recommendation(s) to business organisations that operate across cultures. All the references must be from 2022 onwards.    Your Research Essay should be a piece of academic writing with references formatted using the APA 7th Edition Referencing guidelines. Minimum ten (10) academic articles and/or book chapters must be used. It must address the chosen topic, explain why it is important, identify the main issues, i, formulate your argument, and offer conclusions or recommendation(s) on how, in your opinion, business organisations should address the discussed issue.    

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     ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE                                                                                                         

   Here is a recommended structure with some questions, which might guide your work on the research essay:        Introduction   Introduce your topic and concepts.   What is this essay about?  Why is this topic important? Who may benefit from reading your research essay?    Literature Review Discuss the literature used for this essay.  Summarise what other authors wrote about the issue.   Do you agree/disagree with their findings?   Main discussion   Formulate your main argument/hypothesis.  Use examples from existing literature to support your claim(s).  Use examples from your own experience to support your statement(s).    Conclusions and/or recommendations Summarise the main issue discussed in this essay. In your opinion, has it been sufficiently studied?  What are your recommendations for business managers?   Submit your Research Essay at before the end of Week 11 to TurnitIn in the subject Moodle site (see the date and time).  
Readings for the assessment (instructions where they can be found e.g. MyAthens database, Moodle etc.)  Refer to the textbook, MyAthens database, and useful resources in Moodle.
  Grading Criteria / Rubric  See the MGT604 Assignment 3 – Marking Rubric file on the Moodle site.  



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