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CHCCCS006 Facilitate Individual Service

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CHCCCS006 Facilitate Individual Service :

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CHCCCS006 Facilitate Individual Service
CHCCCS006 Facilitate Individual Service


[Theory Tasks]

CHCCCS006 Facilitate Individual Service Planning and Delivery
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This Student Assessment Booklet-I includes Task 1 for assessment of CHCCCS006 Facilitate individual service planning and delivery.


This unit requires that you complete three assessment tasks. You are required to complete all tasks to demonstrate competency in this unit.

Assessment TaskAbout this task
Assessment Task 1: Written questionsYou must correctly answer all questions to show that you understand the knowledge required of this unit.
Assessment Task 2: Role playYou are required to complete a role play with two additional participants, based on the case study scenario in Q22, Assessment task 1.
Assessment Task 3: Workplace observationThere are two parts to this task. Part A requires you to access three client plans and explain your contribution to developing each plan. Part B requires you to access and explain three types of workplace policies and procedures used during the planning, delivery and review of client services.

How to submit your assessments

When you have completed each assessment task you will need to submit it to your assessor.

Instructions about submission can be found at the beginning of each assessment task.

Assessment Task Cover Sheet

At the beginning of each task in this booklet, you will find an Assessment Task Cover Sheet. Please fill it in for each task, making sure you sign the student declaration.

Your assessor will give you feedback about how well you went in each task, and will write this on the back of the Task Cover Sheet.


The prerequisite for this unit is NIL.


The candidate must show evidence of the ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage tasks and manage contingencies in the context of the job role. There must be evidence that the candidate has:

  • worked within established guidelines to contribute to the planning and reviewing of services which meet the needs of at least 3 people
  • contributed to the planning processes by communicating effectively with the person and other stakeholders using active listening and questioning

The candidate must be able to demonstrate essential knowledge required to effectively complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage tasks and manage contingencies in the context of the work role. This includes knowledge of:

  • role and responsibilities of different people in the planning process:
  • person’s assessor
  • carers and other support workers
  • health professionals
  • other service providers
  • service delivery workers
  • human development across the lifespan and influences on service delivery
  • strengths-based planning processes:
  • assessment process
  • collaborative approach
  • documentation and reporting requirements
  • features and modes of service delivery:
  • range of service options
  • variations for individualised service
  • resource requirements
  • motivational goal setting
  • collaborating with other service providers to address diverse and multi-faceted needs
  • transitioning to other services
  • exiting service
  • legal and ethical considerations related to planning and service delivery and how these are applied in an organisation and individual practice, including:
  • duty of care
  • privacy, confidentiality and disclosure
  • safety and security
  • risk management considerations and ways of minimising risk:
  • environmental
  • physical
  • physiological
  • continuous improvement processes

For all documentation on the performance criteria and assessment requirements of the unit CHCCCS006 Facilitate individual service planning and delivery, please refer to the website with this link:


Students: Please fill out this cover sheet clearly and accurately for this task.

Student Name 
Assessor Name 
Unit: CHCCCS006 Facilitate individual service planning and delivery
Assessment Details
Assessment Type   Written/Oral questions
Agreement by the student
Read through the assessments in this booklet before you fill out and sign the agreement below. Make sure you sign this before you start any of your assessments.
Have you read and understood what is required of you in terms of assessment?    Yes    No
Do you understand the requirements of this assessment?             Yes    No
Do you agree to the way in which you are being assessed?    Yes    No
Do you have any special needs or considerations to be made for this assessment?  If yes, what are they?  …………………………… ………………………… ………………… ……… … … .………………………………………….    Yes    No
Do you understand your rights to appeal the decisions made in an assessment?    Yes    No
None of this work has been completed by any other person.    Yes    No
I have not cheated or plagiarised the work or colluded with any other student/s.    Yes    No
I have correctly referenced all resources and reference texts to complete these assessment tasks.    Yes    No
I understand that if I am found to be in breach of policy, disciplinary action may be taken against me.    Yes    No



I,____________________________________________________ ,  certify that the statements I have attested above have been made in a good faith, are true and correct. To the best of my knowledge and belief, these tasks are my own work.


Student Signature: ……………………………                                                       Date: …………… /……………../……………………………..

Result – Attempt 1Satisfactory (S)   Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS)   

ASSESSOR FEEDBACK – Attempt 1 (Assessment Task 1)


Assessors: Please return this cover sheet to the student with assessment results and feedback.


Assessor signature:                                                               Date: 

Re-assessment Result (if NYS in Attempt 1)Satisfactory (S)   Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS)   

ASSESSOR FEEDBACK – Attempt 2 (Assessment Task 1)


Assessors: Please return this cover sheet to the student with assessment results and feedback.


Assessor signature:                                                               Date:

Re-assessment Result (if NYS in Attempt 2)Satisfactory (S)   Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS)   

ASSESSOR FEEDBACK – Attempt 3 (Assessment Task 1)


Assessors: Please return this cover sheet to the student with assessment results and feedback.


Assessor signature:                                                               Date:


I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid, reliable and flexible assessment with this student, and I have observed the student demonstrate unit outcomes through consistent and repeated application of skills and knowledge over a period of time and provided appropriate feedback.   Signature:     Date:  


Fill in the declaration below if you have received a not yet satisfactory (NYS) result in all three attempts. 

You can make an appeal about an assessment decision by putting it in writing and sending it to us. Refer to your Student Handbook for more information about our appeals process.

 I have received my assessment result and I am satisfied with the given feedback for this assessment.

 I am not satisfied about my result and I would like to appeal regarding my result.


Student Signature: ……………………………                   Date: ……… /………../………………

Task summary: This is an open book test – you can use the Internet, textbooks and other documents to help you with your answers if required.You must answer all questions correctly. Write your answers in the space provided. If you need more space, you can use extra paper. All extra pieces of paper must include your name and the question number/s you are answering.You may like to use a computer to type your answers. Your assessor will tell you if you can email them the file or if you need to print a hard copy and submit it.

What do I need in order to complete this assessment?

When do I do this task?

  • You will do this task in your own time.

what do I need to do if I get something wrong?

If your assessor marks any of your answers as incorrect, they will talk to you about resubmission. You will need to do one of the following:

  • Answer the questions that were incorrect in writing.
  • Answer the questions that were incorrect verbally.

Instructions to students:

Question 1

What is exit service planning? Why is this important?


Question 2

  1. Complete the table with two examples of motivational goals.
  • What is the purpose of setting goals with your client in service planning and delivery?
  • What are the 5 key requirements for setting goals with clients?
  • What are the key requirements of a SMART goal? Give a brief explanation of each component.

Question 3

  1. How can the relationship circle be used when assessing needs and preparing for planning? Draw an example.
  • What is the purpose of taking a collaborative approach to service planning and using multiple service providers to address a client’s needs?

Question 4

Describe what is involved in the assessment process during strengths-based planning.


Question 5

What person-centred strategies should you use when setting goals? Provide at least five strategies.


Question 6

Complete the following, outlining effective communication strategies for both groups.

Clients with nonverbal or limited language skills   
Non English speaking clients 

Question 7

Provide examples of three types of legislation that have an impact on aged care work.


Question 8

Provide five types of services provided under Home and Community Care services.


Question 9

  1. Outline common aspects of the development and ageing process for each stage of the lifespan.
  • How do these lifespan developments influence service delivery for a client?

Question 10

Provide three ways you can contribute to the review and update of workplace policies and procedures.


Question 11

Research the health records legislation in your state and provide an overview. Who must comply with the Act?


Question 12

Provide three examples of continuous improvement activities in the workplace.


Question 13

Why is it important to review policies and protocols?


Question 14

Describe the impacts and your response to the following scenarios.

A client trips over a rug and falls to the floor hurting his arm and face  
One of the clients goes missing on your shift.  
A client is seen hitting another client over the head violently  

Question 15

What is the Transition Care Program? What is the purpose of this program?


Question 16

Access a copy of the following documentation Goal Directed Care Planning Toolkit

Using this document, explain how the following goal setting tools could be used in service planning and delivery – Good days/bad days and What’s working/What’s not working?

Good days/Bad days:
What’s working/What’s not working:

Question 17

Explain the responsibilities for each of the following roles:

Individual home care worker 
Home and Community service provider 
Client Needs Assessor                 
Carers and Support Workers 
Case Manager 
Other health professionals 
Service delivery workers 

Question 18

Provide three benefits of completing documentation and reporting in the workplace


Question 19

Provide a response for each of the following scenarios:

Scenario 1:

On a crowded train home one afternoon your work colleague Susan pulls out some documents from a folder. You notice that a few people standing up behind her have started to read the files. When you ask her what she is reading she says ‘Oh, I just need to update myself on a couple of client files so I don’t have to do it later. The train is good for reading time! And, you should read some of their stories, they’re pretty horrible!’ Is Susan respecting client privacy? Why/Why not? 

Scenario 2:

ResiCare Home Services contact you about your client Nathan. They are a new home care service group who are about to start providing personal care and home cleaning services to Nathan as part of his new support plan. As his case manager they have contacted you for some client documentation in particular a copy of Nathan’s needs assessment. Upon accessing the document you realise that Nathan or his primary guardian have not signed the paperwork. Should you provide the files to the service provider? Why/Why not?

Question 20

What are the 12 key requirements for documenting and reporting individual service planning and delivery?


Question 21

What are the three types of resources you may require when facilitating service planning? Provide an example of each type of resources


Question 22

Allan an 87 year old male who suffered a stroke now receives assistance from your employer “Home Care”, who provide in-home care support to Allan on a regular basis .The stroke caused him difficulty with maintaining his daily activities and limited his physical mobility and functioning. Recently, you have noticed that Allan has struggled getting himself in and out of his wheelchair and into bed in the mornings and at night. The transfers from his bed to his wheelchair are becoming more and more challenging for both you and Allan. There have even been a few occasions where he has incurred a fall. You have reported the incident on every occasion and voiced your concerns with Allan’s family for an alternative solution to help with the physical transfers. Allan’s family believe he would benefit from having an additional carer support you with this task at home. The option for Allan to move into a shared residential care facility has also been suggested, however Allan is not comfortable with this option. His family support his decision to remain at home, however there is insufficient funding available for Allan to receive an additional home carer.

Conduct a risk management assessment for Allan remaining at home (include at least one environmental, physical and emotional risk each). The template to conduct this assessment is on the next page.

RiskLikelihoodImpactExisting controlAdditional controlWho


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