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BUS103 Business Statistics Assessment

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BUS103 Business Statistics Assessment :

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BUS103 Business Statistics Assessment
BUS103 Business Statistics Assessment

BUS103 Business Statistics


Marks 100 (Weighting 30%)

Please answer the following five questions in Excel and Word document

(use EXCEL to analyse the data)

Q1. The travel expenses for a company are given below. Construct a pie chart and a bar chart for this data. (Marks = 10+10)

Car rentals18

Q2. A company has determined that there are seven possible defects for one of its product lines. Construct a histogram for the following defect frequencies and in the graph show the line for cumulative frequency percentage. (Marks = 20)

Defect CodeFrequency

Q3. Three subcontractors A, B and C supplied 58, 70 and 72 parts, respectively, to a plant during the last week. Of the parts supplied by subcontractor A, only 4 were defective. From the parts supplied by subcontractor B, 60 were good parts; from those supplied by subcontractor C, only 6 were defective. Set up a cross table for the data and draw a bar chart. (Marks = 20)

Q4. Determine the Descriptive Statistics of the given dataset (in Excel document) on wage, occupation, sector, union membership, education, experience, age and gender. Discuss the results of the Descriptive Statistics (answer this in a separate word document). Also, perform a Multivariate Analysis (multiple regression) with wage as dependent and experience, occupation and gender as independent variables. (Marks = 10+10+10)

Q5. From the given data set (in Excel document), test (t-Test: Paired Two Sample for Means) whether there is any significant difference of income for students in Melbourne and Sydney? Assume: hypothesized mean difference of the variable is 0 and acceptable level of error is 5%. (Marks = 10)


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