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BSBWOR203 Work Effectively With Others

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BSBWOR203 Work Effectively With Others :

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BSBWOR203  Work Effectively With Others
BSBWOR203 Work Effectively With Others

BSBWOR203 – Work effectively with others


Instructions The questions are divided into sections according to the elements within the unit of competence. There are three sections in this unit.You are to provide answers to each of the questions in a separate document using MS Word or similar word processing tools. Your document should be professionally formatted with question retyped and answered.You must answer all questions satisfactorily to achieve competency in the unit. The extent of responses required will vary by question.Your answers should be in your own words, not copied or plagiarised from any person or source except where appropriate such as a definition, in which cases you should reference the source.Ask your assessor if you do not understand a question.  Whist your assessor cannot tell you the answer, he/she may be able to re-word the question for you.Re-assessment: If you do not achieve the required standard, you will be given the opportunity to be re-assessed by our Assessor. Arrangements will be made on an individual basis. If you are deemed to be NS (Not Satisfactory), your assessor will either ask specific questions orally, and record them with you using the supplementary evidence sheet or you will be asked to resubmit your responses in full.Feedback:  Your assessor will provide feedback to students after the completion of the assessment. The assessor will explain the appeals process when required

SECTION 1: develop effective workplace relationships

Q1:    Identify five responsibilities/duties most workers need to complete in relation to other workgroup members.

Q2:    Name five ethical principles you might be responsible for upholding in your workplace.

Q3:    List four ways you can promote cooperation and good relationships with your workgroup when undertaking activities in the workplace.

Q4:    Identify five resource constraints you should take into account when fulfilling your and others’ work requirements.

Q5:    It’s important to encourage constructive feedback from workgroup members. Describe how you can best acknowledge feedback from others so you can take appropriate action.

Q6:    You want to act on feedback, but you’re not sure how to do so. Describe three ways you could request advice from your team so you can be more proactive.

SECTION 2: contribute to workgroup activities

Q1:    Identify five ways you can provide support to team members to ensure you meet workgroup goals.

Q2:    List and describe the seven steps you can take to contribute constructively to workgroup goals and tasks according to most organisational policies, plans and procedures.

Q3:    You should always share information relevant to work with the right team member. Complete this sentence in eight different ways.

You should share information which __________________________________________.

Q4:    Identify four areas in your workplace where there might be opportunities to improve your workgroup.

SECTION 3: deal effectively with issues, problems and conflict

Q1:    List three ways you can respect diversity in your workplace.

Q2:    List four common communication styles/gestures which may be linguistically or culturally inappropriate to use in the workplace – depending on who you are talking to.

Q3:    List five issues or problems you might encounter in the workplace.

Q4:    Identify three obvious signs of conflict and three subtle signs of conflict brewing in the workplace.

  • Obvious signs
  • Subtle signs

Q5:    List three circumstances when you should seek assistance from other workgroup members.

Q6:    Describe the five-step procedure for appropriately dealing with difficulties in the workplace.


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