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BSBITU402 Develop And Use Spreadsheets

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BSBITU402 Develop And Use Spreadsheets :

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BSBITU402  Develop And Use Complex Spreadsheets
BSBITU402 Develop And Use Complex Spreadsheets

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Assessment Information

Welcome to your Student BSBITU402 Develop And Use Complex Spreadsheets Assessment Workbook for KII4003 Working with Spreadsheets.

Unit of Competency
BSBITU402Develop and use complex spreadsheets

This Student Assessment Workbook is where you will write all your responses for the knowledge questions and simulation tasks. Please refer to the Student Assessment Guide for more information.

This assessment has the following two events:

Assessment Event 1 – Knowledge Questions
There are five questions that will provide us with evidence of your general knowledge of concepts in relation to ergonomics, work organisation strategies, energy and resource conservation techniques, and spreadsheet functions.
Assessment Event 2 – Simulation: Milk Daily Fresh
You will complete a number of tasks associated with designing and developing an automated spreadsheet template. These tasks will be based on your role of Document Management Specialist in a simulation for Milk Daily Fresh, an organisation that retails fresh milk products.

To complete the Simulation, you will need to refer to the following resources:

Project Brief.pdfOutlines the business needs and provides a paper design prototype to give you an idea of how the Sales Report Template must look. You will produce the Template based on the requirements specified in this document.
Current Sales Data.xlsxSpreadsheet that holds raw data for the current year’s sales performance per quarter for the entire range of products. You will use this data to retrieve the current sales performance for the selected range of products as specified in the Project Brief.
Historical Sales Data.txtText file that holds raw data for the previous year’s sales performance per quarter for the selected range of products. You will import this file into your spreadsheet environment as per the requirements given in the Project Brief.
Organisational Logo.pngMilk Daily Fresh company logo. You will use this media file as stipulated in the organisational Style Guide.
Milk Daily Fresh Style Guide.pdfOrganisational Style Guide that provides the standards for spreadsheet production. You must conform to these standards when designing and producing the Sales Report Template.
Ergonomics and Work Organisation Policy and Procedures.pdfA policy and procedures document that outlines Milk Daily Fresh’s organisational ergonomic, energy, and resource saving practices for document production. You will demonstrate yours understanding on these in Task 1.

Please note that your responses for both BSBITU402 Develop And Use Complex Spreadsheets assessment events can (where appropriate) use dot point format. See below an example of a dot point response and a full sentence response.

Dot point formatPresentation Plan includes the following: outcomesneeds of the audiencecontext.
Full sentence formatWhen you are preparing for a presentation, there are a number of tasks that must be carried out. These are listing the outcomes that you want to achieve, followed by the identification of the needs of your audience. When you have completed these two tasks you then check on the room that you will be conducting the presentation in.

To Achieve Competence

To be deemed competent for this BSBITU402 Develop And Use Spreadsheets unit, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • complete all of the questions and tasks listed in the Student Assessment Workbook
  • meet all the requirements listed in this Student Assessment Guide
  • your responses to the questions and tasks must be relevant, accurate and specific
  • submit your completed Student Assessment Workbook to your Assessor within the set timeframes
  • your work must be in your own words
  • where you use an external source of information, you must provide citation.

Pre-assessment Checklist

Your assessor will go through the assessment for this subject , KII4003 Working with Spreadsheets. It is important that you understand this assessment before taking on the questions and tasks. To confirm that you have been given this overview, we ask you to complete the following Pre-Assessment Checklist.

You are required to carefully read each checklist item provided below and tick either ‘Y’ to confirm your understanding or ‘N’ if you disagree. In case you disagree with an item, please provide your reason under the ‘Comments’ column.

When you have done this, we ask you to sign this Pre-Assessment Checklist. This acknowledges that your Trainer/Assessor has discussed all of the information with you prior to undertaking this assessment.

Pre – assessment ChecklistComments
Y ¨N  I, the student, understand the purpose of the assessment. 
Y ¨NI understand when and where the assessment will occur, who will assess and in what format the assessment will be submitted. 
Y ¨N  I understand the methods of assessment. 
Y ¨NI understand what resources are required to complete this assessment. 
Y ¨NI understand the performance level required for each assessment event. 
Y ¨NI understand that it must be my own work. I have been explained and understand the serious consequences in case this work is found plagiarised. 
Y ¨N  I understand the process if I am deemed not yet competent. 
Y ¨N  I understand the feedback process and the appeals process. 
Y ¨NThe assessor has discussed with me if I have any special needs and if so what arrangements have been made. 
Student Full NameStudent IDStudent SignatureDate

Assessment Event 2 – Milk Daily Fresh

In this assessment, you will undertake a number of tasks associated with formulating evidence-driven strategies to improve the business performance of a local coffeehouse chain, Milk Daily Fresh, utilising its corporate knowledge.

As stated earlier, these tasks are spreadsheet based and will be performed using Excel; therefore, you will not be inserting any response into this Student Assessment Workbook for Assessment Event 2.

However, note that Task 8 requires you to produce screenshots of your cloud platform with folders and files, and then attach to this Student Assessment Workbook as an Appendix.

See Task 8 in your Student Assessment Guide for detailed instructions.

For Assessor Use Only

Task Outcome Sheets

The Outcome Sheet below is the assessment questions and tasks for each of the assessment events that the student is required to complete. Assessors, tick ‘S’ if the student achieved a satisfactory outcome for an assessment task and ‘NYS’ if the student does not meet these requirements. Also, you are required to write comments on the quality of this evidence under the ‘Comments’ column. For your judgement on the student’s overall performance, tick ‘Satisfactory’ if the student achieves a satisfactory outcome for all of the tasks or ‘Not-Yet-Satisfactory’.

Assessment Event 2

Assessment Event 2SNYSComments
  Task 1: Prepare to Develop Spreadsheet  Sub Task 1.1   
  Sub Task 1.2   
  Task 2: Prepare the Sales Report Template to Populate with Data  Sub Task 2.1   
  Sub Task 2.2   
  Task 3: Use Lookup Function to Retrieve Data into the Template   
  Task 4: Import Data from External File  Sub Task 4.1   
  Sub Task 4.2   
  Task 5: Calculate              the Changes in Sales PerformanceSub Task 5.1   
  Sub Task 5.2   
Assessment Event 2SNYSComments
Task 6: Represent Numerical Data in Graphic Form   
  Task 7: Export Data from The Sales Template   
Task 8: Prepare the Sales Report Template for Future Use   

The student’s overall performance is     o Satisfactory     o Not-Yet-Satisfactory

Assessor Signature:                                                         Date:

Assessment Outcome Sheet

Student ID Family Name First Name 
Course Code   Course Title 
SubjectKII4003 – Working with Spreadsheets
Unit CodeBSBITU402Unit TitleDevelop and Use Complex Spreadsheets

Assessment Outcome

Assessor, please tick and date the student’s final outcome of this assessment:

Initial Submission   C NYCDate   /       /          Re-submission 1           C            NYCDate          /        /         Re-submission 2   C              NYCDate          /       /          

Assessor’s Feedback

Assessor, please provide your comments on the student’s final outcome of this assessment:

Receipt of Student’s Assessment

Assessor, you must provide the completed copy of this receipt to the student as an evidence of submission of their assessment to you.

  Student ID Family Name First Name 
  Course Code Course Title 
Unit CodeBSBITU402Unit TitleDevelop and Use Complex Spreadsheets
    Due Date        /   /          Date Received    /   /          Extension Approved  Y r N r  Date Approved    /   /         
Initial Submission rRe-submission 1 r  Re-submission 2 r  Assessor’s Signature 

Student Feedback Form

Dear Student,

We are keen to improve our products and services, and assessment tools are a key part of this. Therefore, we would welcome your feedback on the assessment. If you could take a few minutes to complete the form below, it would be greatly appreciated. Please provide thoughtful responses as your opinions are highly valued.

  Yes  No  Questions
  Y ¨¨ N  Did the assessment cover the training you received for this unit?
  Y ¨¨ NWere the tasks in Assessment Event 2 based on realistic activities that you would expect to be doing in a workplace?
  Y ¨¨ N  Did you understand the assessment instructions?
  Y ¨¨ N  Were the tasks easy to understand?
  Y ¨¨ N  Did the Assessor set up and run the simulation professionally?
  Y ¨¨ N  Was the Assessor’s decision fair?
  Y ¨¨ N  Was the Assessor’s feedback specific?
  Y ¨¨ N  Was the Assessor’s feedback comprehensive?
  Y ¨¨ N  Was the Assessor’s feedback constructive?
  Y ¨¨ N  Was the Assessor’s feedback timely?
  Y ¨¨ N  Were you satisfied with your effort in this assessment?
What would you change about this assessment? 
What could the Assessor have done differently to improve the assessment process and/or assessment feedback? 
Overall, what was the most significant challenge of this assessment? 
Overall, what did you like the most about this assessment? 
Do you have any other comments? 


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