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Analysis Report Assessment

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Analysis Report Assessment :

Analysis Report Assessment
Analysis Report Assessment

Analysis Report

Date Due: Week 10 (5pm, 27th of January 2023)

Total Marks: 30 marks            Worth: 30% of final assessment

You need to prepare a group analysis report (using Microsoft Word), which requires an amount of computer work and written comment. You may need to seek guidance from your lecturer in the class. Do not leave things until too late!! Each task describes what you are required to do, so please follow these carefully!

In this report, you will analyse a randomised subset of a survey. This subset only has four variables, namely gender (Student’s gender, with categories female and male), ses (Socio economic status of student’s family, with categories low, middle, and high), schtyp (Type of school, with categories public and private), write (Standardized writing score).

Task 1: Teamwork and Report Submission (5 Marks)

Work as a team to prepare a report. List all group members’ name and student number on the Cover Sheet. Select one person to submit the report in Canvas on time. Submit a Word file (one file).

Task 2: Analyse two variables (gender and write) (15 Marks)

  1. Calculate sample mean and standard deviation of the variable write. (3 Marks)
  2. Construct a side-by-side boxplots for the variable write by the variable gender (i.e., the two groups are female students and male students). (4 Marks)
  3. Calculate the Q1, Q2, Q3, interquartile range (IQR) and whisker limits for the variable write of the female and male groups separately. (6 Marks)
  4. Use the results from part c to compare the data position (median) and variability or spread (IQR) of the variable write for the female and male groups. (2 Marks)

[Hint: Refer to Lecture 2 (“Measures of Central Tendency”), slides 17 to 20 for the calculation of Q1 Q2 and Q3 as well as the whisker limits.]

Task 3: Calculate the percentage student from Private School for each category in the variable ses (5 Marks)

  1. Create a contingency table of the variable schtyp by the variable ses as shown below: (3 Marks)
School Type (schtyp)Socio economic status of student’s family (ses)
  • Calculate and compare the percentage of student studying in private school in each ses group. (2 Marks)

Conclusion: (5 marks)

From the Task 2, you should have some idea of the difference of the distribution of the variable write for the female students and male students. Also, the result from Task 3 would indicate which ses group has the lowest percentage of student studying in private school.

Write a short report summarising your main findings and comments.


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