SITXHRM008 Roster staff

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SITXHRM008 Roster staff:

SITXHRM008 Roster staff

Assessment Task 2A: Project Roster

QualificationSIT40521- Certificate IV in Kitchen Management
Unit Code/NameSITXHRM008 – Roster staff
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SITXHRM008 Rostering staff

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SITXHRM008 Rostering staff

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Knowledge questions are designed to help you demonstrate the knowledge which you have acquired during the learning phase of this unit. Ensure that you:

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iAssessment information
Information about how you should complete this assessment can be found in your Assessment Instruction in Moodle: Check your submission and cut-off in Moodle Assessment task page Write your answer in the text belowThis task is open book.  
SITXHRM008 Rostering staff


Complete the following activities. Your attendance is requested for most of these activities.

  1. Select a business and roster teams – attendance requested
You are required to prepare a three-week roster for kitchen staff using a business name such as a restaurant name that you are familiar with. A case study template (see below) has been provided to guide you on the information required in order to complete the assessment as well as an Operational Policy (provided in Moodle and Teams Class) to help identify operational requirements. You must use the Operational plan policy information to prepare your roster. Once you have completed the business case study, you will then need to meet with staff to discuss their availability over the next three weeks. The assessor will divide you into groups of 5 (or as requested by your trainer). Each person in the group must select one of the staff positions that you identified in the business case study and complete the Staff profile template provided (in Teams or Moodle). They will do this providing their own details and skills and experience. As a staff member, make sure you are true to your own commitments and availability over the roster period. Also consider your own personal, social and cultural needs and ensure to communicate any requirements to the person preparing the roster. Please note that this is an individual task so each person must develop their own business case. When conducting discussions, take into consideration: Any staff requests for the roster including any upcoming personal commitmentsSocial and cultural considerations such as working flexibly, family commitments, cultural events or ceremonies. During the meeting with your group, ensure that you use effective communication skills including: Listening to staff requestsUsing active listening to confirm understandingAsking questions to confirm any requirements You are to base all wages on the pay guide for the Hospitality Industry (General) Award (you can download this from:   Documents provided in Moodle for Task 2A: Operational policyStaff profile templateRoster work study template BUSINESS CASE STUDY TEMPLATE Complete this template for the business name that you have chosen for Assessment Task 2 Part A. Remember to use the Operational Policy and gather the 5 staff profile templates to use to enter information in your case study template. Business background Include the name of the business, background information such as the main purpose of the business, type of cuisine and service, where it is located and any other relevant information. Name of business   Type of business   Address:     Operational hours and shifts What are the opening and closing times, days of the week and any restrictions. What are the current shifts used for the roster? Weekly opening and closing times (Wednesday to Sunday) We assume that the business is closed on Monday & Tuesday.     Any other useful information     Staffing Complete the following tables to provide an overview of staffing skills and availability. Name of staff Position Shifts Hourly rate/ Award     Normal shifts Evening rate Saturday rate Sunday rate                                       Availability and commitments Name of staff Availability Week 1 Availability Week 2 Availability Week 2                                           Skill set Name of staff Skills Duties                                 Social and or cultural considerations                             Expected customer traffic Day Time Expected traffic Staff required Thursday Breakfast Lunch Dinner     Friday Breakfast Lunch Dinner     Saturday Breakfast Lunch Dinner       Sunday Breakfast Lunch Dinner                

SITXHRM008 Rostering staff

  • Research and select roster software – your attendance is requested
Using the internet, research an appropriate scheduling software that you could use to create the roster. You may need to register to download the software, however, only select one that has a free trial around 30 days. The assessor must approve the selected software. 2nd option is to create a manual table or excel sheet.
SITXHRM008 Rostering staff

  • Create a roster – attendance is requested for the briefing and work study part of this task
Using the software you have downloaded or a calendar table or a manual tables or spreadsheet: Create the 3 week staff roster according to the discussions held with staff (your group), information gathered for the Business case study and operational requirements outlined in the Operational policy. A Work study template has been provided if you decide to use a manual Roster. (located in Teams class resources and Moodle). Your roster must meet the following criteria: Meet operational requirements as set out in the Operational policy Meet the business requirements as identified in the Business case studyHave the right amount of staff with the necessary skills and mix to deliver services effectively.Meet any wage and budget constraints as outlined in the Operational policy and complying with the Hospitality Industry (General) Award, based upon the positions identified.Be clear enough so that it can easily be understood by all staff. The roster must be submitted in a suitable format to your supervisor for approval within the time allocated. This could be a PDF document, a printed report from the software, an excel sheet, manual tables or a screenshot and upload in Moodle. (if a screen shot, it must be clear to read).
SITXHRM008 Roster staff

  • Submit the following documents :
Finalise the above activities, filling in the Business study Template and submit the following documents to your assessor for marking: Staff roster (including work study if using) and showing budget is within guidelines.5 staff profile templates.
SITXHRM008 Roster staff


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