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CSC8510 Student Assessment 2

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CSC8510 Student Assessment 2 :

CSC8510 Student Assessment 2
CSC8510 Student Assessment 2

Total marks: 100

Question 1 (20 marks)

  1. (10 marks) Why we need to specify IPv4 network mask as well as the IPv4 network address for a device?
  2. (5 marks) Explain the meaning of /24 as an IPv4 network mask.
  3. (5 marks) Comment on the meaning of IPv4 subnet mask “/0”?

Submit your answer to Question 1 as <studentIDQ1>.pdf (e.g. U123456Q1.pdf)

Question 2 (20 marks)

  1. (6 marks) When delivering a packet, what are the roles of IPv4 address and the MAC address?
  2. (14 marks) We use “country code / area code / home phone number” to specify a home phone. Explain why we can or cannot use a similar structure “country code / area code / device number” to specify the address of a PC.

Submit your answer to Question 2 as <studentIDQ2>.pdf (e.g. U123456Q2.pdf)

Question 3 (60 marks)

USQBook is a bookstore with 4 administrative sections. It has acquired the use of IPv4 network The managers of each section have been assigned IPv4 addresses as shown:

Administration SectionManager’s IPNumber of staff in the section
  1. (5 marks) Explain why you want to subdivide the network into subnets.
  2. (5 marks) What is the number of assignable addresses in a smallest subnet? What is the use of such a subnet?
  3. (20 marks) Show your design for the subnets using the following table:
  Section  Subnet Address  Mask lengthBroadcast addressGateway addressNumber of assignable addresses
  • (30 marks) Implement the network using Packet Tracer 8.0.1. Make sure that all PCs can ping each other and devices on the Internet.
    • For convenience, you may
      • attach the IP address to the name of PCs
      • attach the subnet address and mask to the switch used by the LAN
      • attach the IP address of the interface used by the router to link to the subnet
    • Assume,, and are globally routable.
    • Use one router (e.g. model 2911) as the gateway for all 3 subnets.
    • Use as the address of RInt and as the address for RF for the Internet link from RF.
    • Use /24 as the addresses for RInt and as the address for PCInt.)
    • Show at least the manager’s PC and one other PC for each subnet.
    • Link RF and RInt using a WAN Link.
    • Use Static routes and default route for routing between LAN Gateway and RInt.

Submit your answer to Q3 as <studentIDQ3>.pdf (e.g. U123456789Q3.pdf) and

<studentIDQ3>.pkt (e.g. U123456789Q3.pkt)

**** End of Assignment 2 ****


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