SITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills

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SITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills :

SITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills
SITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills

Assessment Task 1

SITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills Written Test

Assessment Submission details:

  1. Please include following details on the top of your assessment:
    1. Your Name
    1. Your Student Id
    1. Your Trainer’s name
    1. Title of your Assessment
    1. Assessment Due Date
    1. Actual Submission Date

Please Note: Any changes in the assessment due date must be approved by your trainer.

  • This assessment can be hand written or in Microsoft word format. Following settings should be made for this assignment to keep consistency among all the assessments:
Body textPage setup
Font: Times New RomanFont size: 12 pointLine spacing: DoubleText style: NormalTop: 2.54 cmBottom: 2.54 cmLeft: 3.17 cmRight: 3.17 cmHeader: 1.25 cmFooter: 1.25 cm
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills
  • If hand written assessments are submitted, hand writing needs to be clear and legible.
  • Do not forget to attach the Cover Sheet at the front of the assessment.
  • Make sure you have signed the Cover sheet to declare this is your own work.
  • You can e-mail this assessment to your trainer’s e-mail address with following details:

In ‘subject’ mention your ‘student Id – Your name’.

Achieving Competence:

To be deemed competent in this assessment you must:

  • Correctly address all of the assessment requirements as described in this task
    • Correctly address all of the submission instructions
    • Successfully complete the Assessment Questions
    • Submit assessment on or before the due date with an assessment cover sheet

Performance objective:

You need answer the entire question using information given to you from class and from your course material.

Assessment description:

You must provide a response to all questions in assessment Questions section.

Assessment Questions:

Question 1: What is the meaning of coaching? Provide some examples of commonly coached tasks?
Question 2: List 5 essential attributes of a good coach?
Question 3: Where does coaching occur? In what forms could coaching take place?
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills

Question 4: How is EEO legislation relevant in terms of providing coaching?
Question 5: Provide 4 examples of discriminatory behaviour relating to coaching or coaching provisions?
Question 6: How do learning styles or individual learning preferences affect the success of coaching?
Question 7: Provide 5 examples of how the need for coaching could be identified?
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills

Question 8: What is a training need?
Question 9: List the 5 steps involved in analysing training needs?
Question 10: Once the need for coaching has been identified you will need to start to prepare for coaching. Which preparation steps does this include?
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills

Question 11: To make coaching effective, all specific details must be communicated. Who should be involved and what information must be communicated?
Question 12: How could background information about a candidate assist in planning coaching strategies?
Question 13: An effective coaching session requires clearly planned approaches. How is this done and what should the planning cover?
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills

Question 14: Why is it important to carefully select a time and place for coaching? What needs to be considered?
Question 15: What are the essential requirements regarding underpinning knowledge for any coaching session? Which organisational procedures related to specific tasks performed in the workplace should this include?
Question 16: The body of a coaching session will involve the actual coaching steps. List these 5 steps:
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills

Question 17: What corrective actions and feedback would you use during the coaching session and how would you use them?
Question 18: What is the purpose of using open ended questions when conducting coaching?
Question 19: List 4 things you need to do at the conclusion of the coaching session. What should you discuss as you summarise the coaching?
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills

Question 20: Which information should you provide to a candidate in terms of follow-up, monitoring or further coaching?
Question 21: What is the purpose of monitoring after a coaching session? How is this done effectively?
Question 22: What are the reporting requirements for coaching sessions? What is the purpose of reporting?
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills

Question 23: Provide 4 examples of methods which could be used to evaluate your performance as a coach and the success of your coaching?
Question 24: List and explain 6 examples of possible performance problems or difficulties which could arise during coaching?
Question 25: How could you contribute to an open and inviting coaching environment through effective use of communication? What would be required to achieve this?
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills

This form is to be completed by the assessor and used as a final record of student competency. All student submissions including any associated checklists are to be attached to this cover sheet before placing on the students file. Student results are not to be entered onto the Student Database unless all relevant paperwork is completed and attached to this form.
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills

Student Name Student ID 
Assessor Name Completion Date 
Course NameCertificate III in Commercial CookeryCourse CodeSIT30816
Unit Name Unit Code 
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills


  Please attach the following student evidence to this formResult S = Satisfactory NS = Not Yet Satisfactory DNS = Did Not Submit
  Assessment 1   S | NYS | DNS
  Assessment 2   S | NYS | DNS
  Assessment 3   S | NYS | DNS
Final Assessment Result for this unit C = Competent / NYC = Not Yet CompetentC / NYC
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills

Student Declaration: I acknowledge the assessment process has been explained and agree to undertake assessment. I am aware of NIT’s appeals process, should the need arise. I also understand that I must be assessed as ‘satisfactory’ in all parts of the assessment to gain a competent result for this unit of competency. I declare that the work contained in this assessment is my own, except where acknowledgement of sources is made. I understand that a person found responsible for academic misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action (refer to Enrolment Acceptance Agreement).   I give permission for a copy of my marked work to be retained and reproduced for the purpose of review and validation. Student Signature:                            Date:                      /           /          Assessor Feedback:             Assessor Signature:                                                        Date:                       /           /          
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills

Administrative use only

  Entered onto Student Management Database    Date    Initials
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills

Assessment Evaluation Tool

Unit Code & Unit NameSITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills
Assessment TypeWritten task & Quiz
Assessment NameAT 1
Student’s name & ID 
Is Student able to demonstrate the following: Performance Criteria [1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3]  Yes  No
(1.1) Identify need for coaching based on a range of factors.  
(1.2) Identify specific coaching needs through discussion with colleague and organise coaching sessions.  
(2.1) Explain overall purpose of coaching to colleague.  
(2.2) Explain and demonstrate specific skills.  
(2.3) Communicate required knowledge and check colleague understanding.  
(2.4) Advise organisational procedures for completing workplace tasks.  
(2.5) Provide colleague with opportunity to practise skill and ask questions.  
(2.6) Provide feedback in constructive and supportive manner.  
(3.1) Monitor progress of new workplace skills and provide supportive assistance.  
(3.2) Report progress to the appropriate person.  
(3.3) Identify performance problems or difficulties with coaching and rectify or refer to appropriate person for follow-up.  
Is Student able to demonstrate the following: Knowledge Evidence [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]YesNo
(1) Communication techniques suitable to a workplace training context  
(2) Objectives and scope of the coaching  
Factors which impact need for coaching:direction from colleaguesown observation and workplace experiencerequest for coaching from colleagues to be coached  
key principles of training:explanationdemonstrationreviewlistening to trainee explanationobserving and evaluating trainee demonstrationproviding feedback  
(5) Legislative work health and safety and hygiene requirements  
Possible causes of performance problems or difficulties:breakdown in communicationinappropriate circumstances for coachinginsufficient opportunity to practicelanguage or cultural barriersshyness or lack of confidence  
Assessor name: Assessment date: 
Assessor signature: 
SITXHRM001 Coaching others in job skills

Assessment Evaluation Tool AT 1                                                                                                                               1 | P a g e

SITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills

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