SITHCCC019 Produce cakes pastries and breads

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SITHCCC019 Produce cakes pastries and breads :

SITHCCC019 Produce cakes pastries and breads
SITHCCC019 Produce cakes pastries and breads


Unit:SITHCCC019 Produce cakes, pastries and breads
Course Name:SIT40516 Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
Assessment Tool:Assessment Task 1: Knowledge questions
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 Assessment Task 1: Knowledge questions


  • This is an individual assessment.
  • The purpose of this assessment task is to assess the students’ knowledge essential to produce and present cakes, pastries and breads in a range of contexts and industry settings.
  • To make full and satisfactory responses you should consult a range of learning resources, other information such as handouts and textbooks, learners’ resources and slides.

All questions must be answeredin order to gain competency for this assessment.


Question 1: Discuss one (1) advantage and disadvantage of using butter or margarine in producing pastries and cakes?

  Fat type Advantage Disadvantage Butter         Margarine        

Question 2: Describe the appropriate requirements of the following six (6) products?

  Product Appearance, colour and/or shape Freshness and quality indicators Description of flavour and texture/moisture content Lemon meringue pie           Bread rolls           Profiteroles & chocolate éclairs         Black forest gateaux           Madeira cake             Danish pastries          

Question 3: List three (3) basic nutrients in the following products.

  Item List of nutrients Black forest gateaux   Pork pie   Apple, raison and pistachio nut strudel  

Question 4: What is the main reason to weigh ingredients in a correct way when preparing cakes, pastries and breads? Write your answer in one (1) sentence.


Question 5: Describe the following nine (9) culinary and food items?

  Culinary term Definition Muillefuille   Pate sucree   Croissant   proving   Leavening   Folding   Filo   Genoese   Creaming  

Question 6: List nine (9) commodities that you need to prepare cakes, pastries and breads.


Question 7: List eight (8) types of cakes.


Question 8: List ten (10) appropriate equipment to produce cakes, pastries and breads.


Question 9: List four (4) fillings to enhance the appearance of products.


Question 10: List five (5) varieties of filling icings decorations for cakes.


Question 11: List eight (8) types of decorations to enterprise industry standard.


Question 12: List seven (7) equipment to present and display cakes, pastries and breads according to the enterprise standards.


Question 13: List down ten (10) types of pastries to produce according to the industry standard.


Question 14: List nine (9) fillings and glazes for producing pastries.


Question 15: What are the three (3) consideration that must be considered to produce and store pastries?


Question 16: At what temperature does yeast ferment best at?


Question 17: What is the storing condition of a bag of flour? Write your answer in one (1) sentence.


Question 18: Discuss ten (10) preparation methods for cakes, pastries and breads.

  Preparation methods Description/definition of method adding fats and liquids to dry ingredients   cutting, shaping and moulding   incorporating fat     Kneading   preparing and using fillings   Decorating   resting   rolling   preparing cake tins and moulds   stirring and aerating   weighing or measuring and sifting dry ingredients   whisking, folding, piping and spreading  

Question 19: What is the appropriate baking temperature for small bread rolls?


Question 20: Write down the appropriate baking temperature for a large slab and heavy cakes?


Question 21: What is the use of commercial mixer and list its safety features? Write your answer in 25-50 words.


Question 22: What is the advantage of using bakers oven over using a normal fan forced oven? Write your answer in 25-50 words.


Question 23: Discuss the storage requirement for baked and decorated cake? Write your answer in 25-50 words.


Question 24: Discuss the importance of using the correct amount of batter in a tin when baking a cake? Write your answer in 25-50 words.


Question 25: Discuss the importance of using cold or chilled work surfaces when preparing pastry products? Write your answer in 25-50 words.


Question 26: List the causes of the following four (4) interior and exterior cake problems.

  Cake Problem (Exterior) What Could Have Happened to Cause It Too little volume         Uneven shape       Crust too dark         Crust too thick             Cake falls during baking       Cake Problem (Interior) What Could Have Happened to Cause It Coarse, uneven crumb       Compact texture       Tunnels     Sinking of fruit      

Question 27: Discuss the importance and procedure to store pastry products according to the organizational and industry standard? Write your answer in 50-100 words.


Question 28: List three (3) consideration to designing cake decoration.


Question 29: List three (3) areas to display pastry products.


Question 30. What are the factors to be considered to clean and maintain the equipment? Write your answer in 25-50 words.


Question 31: What is the purpose of dismantling the equipment before cleaning? Write your answer in 50-100 words.


rees ead rolls?


 in the dry store room away from chemicals.

Question 32: What are the five (5) benefits of sorting and assembling ingredients before food production?


Question 33: Discuss the steps to measure the wet and dry ingredients according to the recipe and required quantity of cakes, pastries and breads? Write your answer in 50-100 words.


Question 34: Discuss the importance of weighing ingredients correctly to produce cakes, pastries and breads? Write your answer in 100-150 words.


Question 35: Write down the ten (10) tips to reduce waste to increase profitability of the food produced? 


Question 36: Discuss the importance of following standardized recipes and food quality adjustments? Write your answer in 25-50 words.


Question 37: What are the five (5) effective ways to make the food quality adjustments?


Question 38: Write down the cleaning checklist to clean the kitchen equipment and premises safely according to the food safety standards? Write your answer in 100-150 words.


Question 39: List down the ten (10) cleaning equipment and materials?


Question 40: Discuss the eight (8) steps in preparing yeast based dough according to standard recipe?


Question 41: Write down the three (3) tips to cool products in appropriate conditions to retain freshness and product characteristics?  


Question 42: List nine (9) steps to apply icing on a cake, pastry and bread.


Question 43: Write down the methods to store pastry products in appropriate environment? Write your answer in 50-100words.


Question 44: What are the eight (8) different service ware to present cakes, pastries and breads according to the organizational standard?


Question 45: How does labelling prepared food assist the process of FIFO? Write your answer in one (1) sentence.


Question 46: List five (5) types of sweet and savoury breads to produce in a bakery.

SITHCCC019 Produce cakes pastries and breads


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