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BSBCRT512 Originate and develop concepts

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BSBCRT512 Originate and develop concepts :

BSBCRT512 Originate and develop concepts
BSBCRT512 Originate and develop concepts


BSBCRT512 Originate and develop concepts



BSBCRT512 Originate and develop concepts

Student copy (for student use only) – BSBCRT512 Originate and develop concepts

Question 1: What is concept development? List the stages in concept development.


Question 2: Explain how to identify current business issues.


Question 3: Explain how to assess possible solutions to business issues.


Question 4: Explain how to identify and solve business problems using market research.


Question 5: Explain the various factors affecting the viability of a possible solution


Question 6: What is the purpose of brainstorming?


Question 7: Explain the methods for evaluating ideas?


Question 8: Explain the difference between product and product concept.


Question 9: Explain how to write a concept statement.


Question 10: Explain the various ways to seek feedback from stakeholders.


Question 11: What is the feedback response mechanism?


Question 12: Explain how to refine a concept.


Class Activities

Foodie connect is a food selling company that sells different types of food products. The company specialises in selling meat products all over Australia. The company has more than ten branches in Australia. Subsequently, the main branch is located in Melbourne.

Recently, management has found issues in the company’s business processes, especially in marketing and advertisement. Management is not able to focus on marketing strategies. Assume that you have been appointed as a new sales manager in this company. Your role is to promote meat products through marketing and advertisement campaigns. Recently, your senior manager has given you a task to promote a newly added product all over Australia. You have been allocated a team of five members to perform this task.

As a sales manager, you are required to perform the following tasks with your team.

Arrange a meeting with your team members and relevant stakeholders to plan the marketing strategy and advertisement campaign. Assign the roles to your team. Two team members will be playing the role of stakeholders such as a client.

Activity 1:

You must perform this activity during the meeting with team members. You are required to do the following-

  • Discuss and select a specific issue with stakeholders
  • Discuss the possible solution to the business issue
  • Perform market research with team members on the identified issue
  • Discuss the factors affecting the viability of possible solutions

Activity 2:

This activity is a continuation of activity 1. In this activity, you are required to generate and present solutions.

  • Brainstorm the various ideas on how to address the issue with team members
  • Discuss and evaluate the ideas with team members
  • Compare the ideas with the existing product in discussion with team members
  • Present the solution in front of team members during the meeting

Activity 3:

In this activity, you must refine the solutions for implementation discussed in the meeting. You must do the following-

  • Ask for feedback from each team member
  • Discuss and document the feedback in an appropriate format
  • Discuss and finalise the solution to the identified issue.


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