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BS2250 Intermediate Microeconomics

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BS2250 Intermediate Microeconomics :

BS2250 Intermediate Microeconomics
BS2250 Intermediate Microeconomics


Academic Year 2022/23 Module Code: BS2250

Module Name: Intermediate Microeconomics Module Leader: Jon Guest

Coursework Title: Essay two

“Without an effective consumer review system, the on-line market for high quality goods would definitely collapse because of the impact of asymmetric information.”

Discuss this statement by (a) applying relevant intermediate microeconomic theory and (b) referring to the evidence in the research literature.

Task Details/Description:

1000-word essay (references and footnotes are not included in the word count).

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

To receive a pass mark for the essay, students need to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of microeconomic theory at intermediate level.
  2. Apply appropriate theoretical models to analyse real world questions and policy issues.
  3. Compare and contrast alternative models of economic behaviour.
  4. Demonstrate an ability to communicate economic arguments in a structured and logical manner.

Presentation Requirements:

You must write an essay and not a report. Essays should not include heading/subheadings or listing/bulleting of key points.

All essays must have an introductory paragraph, main body and a concluding paragraph. Failure to include these will lead to the deduction of marks – see the assessment criteria on Blackboard for more details.

All diagrams must be hand drawn and included in the main body of the essay. Any diagram cut and paste from a website will not be marked.

A formal, impersonal and academic writing style is required. Avoid colloquial language and personal style, such as writing in the first person singular ’I.’ and

second person ‘you’. For example, avoid writing sentences such “In this essay I will          ” – see the assessment criteria on Blackboard.

Word Count: 1,000 (+/- 20% excluding references and footnotes) Font Size: Arial: 12-point

Line Spacing: 1.5

Submission Date & Time:

Friday 13th January 2023 @ 12:00 midday UK Time

Assessment Weighting for the Module:

The essay is worth 35 per cent of the final module mark

Assessment Criteria

A copy of the assessment criteria for the essay is available in the ‘Assessment and Feedback Information’ section on the the Blackboard page for this module.

Ethical Requirements

Not applicable as the work does not require the collection of primary data.

Essential Reading for Essay Two.

  • Dewan, S. and Hsu, V. (2004). Adverse selection in electronic markets: Evidence from on-line stamp auctions, The Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. 52, pp. 497-516
  • He, S., Hollenbeck, B and Proserpio, D (2022). The Market for Fake Reviews.

Marketing Science

  • Gulati, A., He, L., Fang, W., and Qin, Li. (2009). Adverse selection for luxury goods in on-line auctions, Journal of Internet Commerce, Vol. 8, pp. 268 – 287
  • Mayzlin, D., Dover, Y., Chevalier, J. (2014) Promotional Reviews: An Empirical Investigation of Online Review Manipulation. American Economic Review, Vol 104, pp. 2421-2455
  • Luca M, Zervas G (2016) Fake it till you make it: Reputation, competition, and Yelp review fraud. Management Science, vol. 62, no.12, pp.3412–3427.


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