SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

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SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations :

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations
SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Instructions to the student:

  • Complete ALL questions of the written assessment as per instructed by your trainer/assessor.
  • Ensure you read the question carefully.  
  • If you have difficulty answering the question, you must at least make an attempt to answer it.

Monitor efficiency and service levels

Q1. Name five things you would consider to be good service in a restaurant from a waiter’s point of view:

Q2. Name five things you would consider to be good service in a restaurant from a chef’s point of view:

Q3. Name five things you would consider to be good service from an accommodation point of view:

Support organisational goals

Q4. If a business has quality goals which they would like to achieve, how can management support staff to achieve these goals?

Identify quality problems  

Q5. Guest comment cards are very common in hotels and restaurants as part of a quality assurance system. Identify three quality problems that you might expect to identify through guest comment cards:

Adjust procedures and systems in consultation to improve efficiency and effectiveness

Q6. It has been identified through guest comment cards that a common comment was that the hot meals were only warm and not hot.

Who would you consult about these guest comments?  How could you work with those consulted to make adjustments to fix the issue?

Consult and get feedback

Q7. After visiting a hospitality trade show, you decide that your restaurant would benefit from the introduction of a new computer-based POS (Point of Sale) system for taking guests’ orders.

  1. Conduct a pilot test:

Identify and take opportunities to evaluate
emerging trends

Q8. How does attending hospitality trade shows help us identify industry trends?

Q9. What feedback processes could be used to identify industry trends?

Assess current workloads of colleagues

Q10. Identify two ways to assess the current workload of a staff member: 

Schedule work to enhance efficiency and service

Q11. Put these four tasks in the scheduled order:  





Q12. How is a diary used to schedule your work tasks?

Delegate work

Q13. Complete this sentence:

You can delegate the task, but not the _______________________________

Q14. Name three principles of good delegation:

Q15. Name three advantages of good delegation:

Q16. In what way can delegation act as a learning tool for those being delegated work?
Assess workflow and progress of work

Q17. The student resource says that a written plan or checklist should have timelines included in it.

Explain what is meant by the term ‘Timeline’ in a plan or checklist:  

Prioritisation of workload

Q18. Put these four categories of time management in order of urgency putting the highest priority task first: 

Urgent – not important

Urgent – and important

Not Urgent – not important

Important – not urgent

Q19. How is a ‘To do’ list used to schedule your work tasks?

Input regarding staffing levels

Q20. Name three indicators that staff is having trouble coping with the workload:

Q21. Name three indicators that staff do not have enough work to do:

Q22. Name two legal issues which a Manager must keep in mind and comply with when running a hospitality business and monitoring work operations:

Written Assessment Record
SITXMGT001Monitor work operations
Student name:   
Element 1Monitor and improve workplace operations
Element 2Plan and organise workflow
Element 3Monitor and support team members
Element 4Solve problems and make decisions
Has the student satisfactorily completed all areas of this assessment?            
Which areas of this assessment has the student NOT completed satisfactorily?           
Assessor’s comments:                        
Assessor’s name and signature:      


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