SITXINV004 Control Stock

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SITXINV004 Control Stock :

SITXINV004 Control Stock
SITXINV004 Control Stock

Instructions to the student:

  • Complete ALL questions of the written assessment as per instructed by your trainer/assessor.
  • Ensure you read the question carefully.  
  • If you have difficulty answering the question, you must at least make an attempt to answer it.

Inventory systems

Q1.  Briefly describe how to conduct a ‘Periodic Stocktake’:

Q2. Describe the ‘Imprest stock management system’:


Q3.  Give a definition for the following stock and hospitality terms:

Stock losses

Q4. Give three ways that stock losses may occur in a café-type hospitality business: 

Q5. Explain at least one way to prevent or reduce stock losses for each of the three answers above:

 Good practices 

Q6. Outline in point form, some good ‘Key Control’ practices (at least four):

Q7. Outline in point form, some food receiving practices (at least four):

Q8. Outline in point forms, some food storage practices (at least four):

Par stock level  

  Tomato Sauce    
  Baked Beans    
  Plain Flour    
  White sugar    

Q9. Above is a sample of par stock levels of a small number of kitchen food items.

Explain what a ‘Par Stock Level’ is and how it is calculated and used in the kitchen:

Goods receiving

Q10. Use simulated information to complete four stock deliveries in the receiving goods form:


Internal transfer

Q11. Food can be contaminated in one of three ways. What are those three ways?

Q12. You have received of raw seafood that is at 8ºC. Upon inspection of the delivery truck you see that the refrigeration has broken down and is not working leaving the storage area quite warm. Despite this the driver has still delivered to you hoping you will not notice.

What can you do?

Problem solving

Q13. You have been purchasing fruit and vegetables from the same supplier for many years. After conducting a price comparison with other suppliers you conclude that you are paying 10% too much for your supplies.

What can you do?

Q14. You have received many complaints about a particular wine on your menu. From talking to your Bar Manager you find that 3 cases of wine have been affected by heat and are spoilt. Your venue only received them last week and the damage could not be from your stores.

What can you do?

Stock and hospitality terms

Q15. Give a definition for the following accounting and hospitality terms:

Written Assessment Record
SITXINV004Control Stock
Student name:   
Element 1Maintain stock levels and records
Element 2Process stock orders
Element 3Minimise stock losses
Element 4Follow-up orders
Element 5Organise and administer stocktakes
Has the student satisfactorily completed all areas of this assessment?            
Which areas of this assessment has the student NOT completed satisfactorily?           
Assessor’s comments:                      
Assessor’s name and signature:      


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