SITXINV003 Purchase Goods

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SITXINV003 Purchase Goods :

SITXINV003 Purchase Goods
SITXINV003 Purchase Goods

Instructions to the student:

  • Complete ALL questions of the written assessment as per instructed by your trainer/assessor.
  • Ensure you read the question carefully.  
  • If you have difficulty answering the question, you must at least make an attempt to answer it.

Collect information

Q1. Give three examples of information that would be appropriate to collect and use to determine the quantity of goods to be ordered. Also give two examples of goods that the information could be used to purchase?

Q2. What is the KISS principle of communication and how does it relate to purchasing?

Q3. Calculate the popularity Index for the following entrée items on an a la carte menu:

Menu itemPortions soldPopularity %

Onion Bahji32 
Vegetable somosa19 
Vegetable pokora11 
Tandoori mushrooms9 
Chicken tikka26 
Aloo tikki5 


The total should be 100%.

 Moving averages

Q4. Use the moving average method to forecast the estimated demand for hotel rooms for periods 5 and 6 given the following information:

Moving AverageWeekRooms occupiedForecast number of guests
Wednesday 11321   
Wednesday 22196   
Wednesday 33422   
Wednesday 44202   
Wednesday 55263?  
Wednesday 66  ?  



Q5. Give a brief explanation of the following purchasing terms: 


Q6. When selecting a supplier for linen services of a hotel, what would be three appropriate selection criteria to choose the supplier? 

Q7. Give three quality checks that would be appropriate when purchasing fresh food such as meat, fish or vegetables:

Q8. What are the two advantages of having a good relationship with your supplier? 

Problem solving

Q9. The toilet paper normally ordered by your hotel is out of stock with your regular supplier. Give two options you could take to ensure a supply of toilet paper:

Q10. What is the purpose of a purchase order?  

Q11. Give an example of how the Christmas season could affect purchasing requirements for a hospitality or tourism business:  

Written Assessment Record
SITXINV003Purchase goods
Student name:   
Element 1Determine purchasing requirements
Element 2Source suppliers and discuss requirements
Element 3Assess quality of goods and make purchase
Has the student satisfactorily completed all areas of this assessment?            
Which areas of this assessment has the student NOT completed satisfactorily?           
Assessor’s comments:                            
Assessor’s name and signature:      


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