SITXINV001 Receive And Store Stocks

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SITXINV001 Receive And Store Stocks :

SITXINV001 Receive And Store Stocks
SITXINV001 Receive And Store Stocks

Instructions to the student:

  • Complete ALL questions of the written assessment as per instructed by your trainer/assessor.
  • Ensure you read the question carefully.  
  • If you have difficulty answering the question, you must at least make an attempt to answer it.

Take delivery of stock

Q1. List five stock items you would expect to take delivery of for the following hospitality outlets.

Storage of stock

Q2. For each of the items on the previous page, under what conditions would they need to be stored? 

Take delivery of stock

Q3. List five different points that need to be inspected when receiving deliveries:


Q4. What information would you find on an invoice that accompanies a delivery of stock?    

Q5. What is a Credit note used for?

Q6. Complete the following sentence:  

Storage of stock

Q7. When checking a store room, we usually check for evidence of pests such as mice. Give three things you may find that would lead you to believe that mice or rats are in, or have been, in the storeroom:

Q8. Name two beverage products that may be affected by heat during transportation or storage:

Q9. Name two food products that may emit strong odours and flavours that may be absorbed into other foods:

Q10. How should chemicals be stored in a hospitality business?

Storage of stock

Q11. Explain what a ‘Food Recall’ is and what we should do if a food item we have is recalled by the supplier for safety reasons:

Q12. How would you store 2kg foil vacuum-packed bags of coffee beans that are used to make espresso coffee?

Rotate and maintain stock

Q13. Why do we conduct a stocktake and what information does a stocktake give us?

Q14. How does labelling stock or food items help us rotate stock and food?


Q15. You receive delivery of bathroom towels. There are 6 towels in each package and you have 20 packages delivered.

How many towels do you have in total?

Q16. You receive a delivery of 600ml bottles of water. The water is shrink-wrapped into cartons of 24. You have 18 cartons.

Q17. The invoice that accompanies the order shows 100 dozen bread rolls and there are 8 boxes. How many bread rolls in each box?

Q18. The invoice that accompanies the order shows 204 bottles of wine. There are 14 boxes of wine each with 12 bottles in each. How many bottles of wine are missing? 

Q19. Give two safety rules for using a forklift:  

Written Assessment Record
SITXINV001Receive and store stock
Student name:   
Element 1Take delivery of stock
Element 2Store stock
Element 3Rotate and maintain stock
Has the student satisfactorily completed all areas of this assessment?            
Which areas of this assessment has the student NOT completed satisfactorily?           
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