SITXHRM008 Evaluation Report Template

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SITXHRM008 Evaluation Report Template :

SITXHRM008 Evaluation Report Template
SITXHRM008 Evaluation Report Template

Evaluation Report Template

You are to write an evaluation report, addressing all of the points below.

Roster Software

How well did the software work for your requirements? What features or functions worked well and what could have been useful that was not available? How easy was it to use? Was it clear to staff? What were the main benefits of using the software, what were the limitations?

Provide an overview of the software using screenshots to identify useful tools and functions that helped you develop the roster.

Roster development process

Provide an evaluation of how successful the roster development process was undertaken. Include any feedback provided during discussions with staff (your role play group). What could you do to improve the process? What action do you need to take?

Staffing requirements

How well did you consider the staffing requirements? Were you able to roster on the right amount of staff for each shift?  Was there a good mix of skill and combination of staff? Did you take into consideration social and cultural factors that affect staff rostering? Was it easy to make the changes required when modifications had to be made and incorporate the necessary skills whilst also meeting operational requirements?

Operational requirements

Were you able to meet the operational requirements such as staffing skills, costs, the amount of staff needed for each shift? Did you meet the required budget? What improvements could you make?


What are your overall conclusions? Do you have any recommendations? Are there any actions that you need to take in order to improve the roster development process?


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