SITXHRM008 Business Case Study Template

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SITXHRM008 Business Case Study Template :

SITXHRM008 Business Case Study Template
SITXHRM008 Business Case Study Template

Complete this Template for the business that you have chosen for Assessment Task 2.2. Remember to also use the Operational Policy.

Business background

Include the name of the business, background information such as the main purpose of the business, type of cuisine and service, where it is located and any other relevant information.

Operational hours and shifts

What are the opening and closing times, days of the week and any restrictions? What are the current shifts used for the roster?


Complete the following tables to provide an overview of staffing skills and availability.

Name of staffPositionNormal shiftHourly rate / Award

Availability and commitments

Name of staffAvailability Week 1Availability Week 2Availability Week 2

Skill set

Name of staffSkillsDuties

Social and or cultural considerations


Expected customer traffic

DayTimeExpected trafficStaff required
Sure, here’s some additional information you could include in your business case study:
Marketing and promotions
What marketing and promotional activities are currently in place to attract customers? Are there any upcoming promotions or events that may impact staffing levels?
Menu and pricing
What is the current menu and pricing strategy? Are there any plans to change the menu or pricing in the near future?
Suppliers and inventory management
Who are the main suppliers for the business? How is inventory managed to ensure adequate stock levels for the menu items?
Technology and systems
What technology and systems are currently used by the business? This could include point of sale systems, inventory management software, or online ordering platforms.
Financial performance
What is the financial performance of the business? This could include metrics such as revenue, profit margins, and return on investment. Are there any areas of concern that may require attention?
Future plans and goals
What are the future plans and goals for the business? This could include expansion into new locations, introducing new menu items, or improving customer service.


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