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AT3 Written Report

This assignment paper is worth 30 marks.

Due date: 11.55pm Friday, Week 10 Submission method: Turnitin Word limit: 2,500 words

Report requirements: Use 12 pt. font

Double-space your document to allow room for feedback State your name and student number in the document header State the word count in the document header

Your report should follow the typical report format:

  • Executive Summary,
  • Introduction,
  • Body (with respective sub sections),
  • Conclusion/Recommendation,
  • Bibliography,
  • Appendix (If needed)

Case study scenario

This Australian web shop sells high-quality construction and safety products. They are currently looking into implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to improve their customer service processes. They have been receiving a lot of complaints with regards to their customer returns process. They do not understand the issue since they guarantee that their products have no manufacturing defects, and they accept to refund or exchange any defective item. An excerpt from their product returns policy and procedures are as follows:

  1. The customer should contact customer service by email or phone within 30 days.
    1. The original box, manual, warranty card, etc. must be returned with the defective product.

You investigated the process and straight away came up with the following questions:

  • What if a defect only shows after six months of use?
  • Furthermore, the original box, manual, warranty card, etc. must be returned with the defective product. However, a lot of customers will no longer have these since the product is in use. What happens if they cannot produce the original packaging?

There are some uncertainties in this complaint handling process. The specific procedure is not transparent to the customer. Plus, the requirement that the original box, manual, etc. will put

off customers. This forces the customer to contact customer service for further information. You noticed that there are only two ways to contact the company, email and/or telephone. You are investigating new ways to improve the process, including the inclusion of chatbots and/or videoconferencing to improve their customer

service. Having to talk to a “real person” via a Zoom session handling your customer complaints will surely bring their customer service to the next level.

You were asked to perform business process modelling for their complaint handling process, identify the problem, and redesign the process for improvement. You are allowed to make assumptions.

Your tasks:

  1. Using relevant academic literature (i.e., journals) and the theories/concepts studied in the course, include the following in your report:
  1. Describe what business intelligence is, and how it can be used to improve customer service. For example, here is a very good article about BI with CRM context.

“Business Intelligence: The Missing Link in Your CRM Strategy Hall, Julie. DM Review; New York Vol. 14, Issue. 6, (Jun 2004): 36.” Full-text is Available on ProQuest

(8 marks)

  • Critically assess the advantages and disadvantages of using BI in the company (8 marks)
    • Discuss key implementation issues of BI for CRM in the company (7 marks)
    • Describe and discuss the use of BI to manage relationships for maximum customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention and profitability (7 marks)


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