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ITICT107A Introduction To Database

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ITICT107A Introduction To Database :

ITICT107A Introduction To Database
ITICT107A Introduction To Database

Individual Assignment – Database Report & Presentation

Assessment Weighting: 15% 

Final Report Structure:  

Your final report must comprise the following parts: 

  • Title Page

o Report title

o Names and Student IDs for team members 

  • Table of Contents

o Should be autogenerated from Heading Styles in MS Word. 

  • Background

o Requirements / Business Rules

o Mission Statement / System Definition 

o DBMS Selection 

  ERD x2 

  • Use or or Visio or any other tool to create the Conceptual model.  This is to show your design. 
  • Include a screen capture of Designer tab to show table relationships in MySQL.   
  • Database Schema o Show each table design 
  • Foreign Key Constraints o Show as screen captures for all tables with foreign keys. 
  • X12 SQL Statements o Show statement and output formatted using Courier New  o Statements should be similar to the examples given and may include any of the following elements: 
    • WHERE clause with examples of various conditions (Like, Between, =, AND / OR, IN, etc.) 
    • ORDER BY clause 
    • Concatenation to combine values including alias 
    • Expressions to calculate results 
    • 2 or 3 table joins using either new or old syntax 
    • Subquery 
    • Functions to aggregate data (SUM, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, COUNT) including sub-totals (GROUP BY) 
  • Report o Challenges & Solutions 
  • References

o Harvard Style

o If you do not have any just reference the prescribed text. 

Introduction to Databases                                                Individual Project (Assignment 5) 2020S2  

Introduction to Databases – Development Project Marking Guide

Student Name: _______________________________ Student ID#: ___________ 

I acknowledge that this project is my own work, that there is no collusion with other students, past or present, and that any work used from another source has been correctly cited and referenced (using the Harvard style).   

Signed: _________________________________   Date: ____________________ 

Marking Guide for Assignment 2 

A:  ER Diagram (entities, attributes, relationships, keys) ______ / 5 
 Schema matches ERD  Database Design (appropriate data types, field size),  Data Integrity (keys), Constraints (FKs) _______ / 2  _______ / 3  _______ / 3 
  Sufficient data / + additional records shown _______ / 2 
B:  SQL & Output  
 Q1 /2 
 Q2 /2 
 Q3 /2 
 Q4 /2 
 Q5 /2 
 Q6 /2 
 Q7 /2 
 Q8 /2 
 Q9 /2 
 Q10 /2 
 Q11 /2 
 Q12 /2 
  ______ / 24 
C:  Normalization of Tables _______ / 4 
D:  Report Layout & Presentation _______ / 7 
 Late Penalties                       5% each day late  
Total:                _______ / 50  


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