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ICTICT518 Research Hardware Technology Options

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ICTICT518 Research Hardware Technology Options :

ICTICT518 Research Hardware Technology Options
ICTICT518 Research Hardware Technology Options


Template 1: Establish organisational requirements and selection criteria for new technology.

  Organisational requirements (200-300 words)
To provide Better Decision-Making             
To Increase Manufacturing Productivity                 
To Improve Customer Service 
To achieve Greater and Virtual Collaboration           
To Improve Financial Performance               
  Criteria for selecting technology (250-300 words)
Development Cost         
Legal Compliance               
Security and Privacy                 
Social and Cultural                   

Template 2: Review strategic goals and determine future requirements

Strategic goals
  Determine future needs (200-300 words)
Participate in strategic planning         
Determine the current level of staffing and expertise               
Conduct a gap analysis               
Analyse strategic planning                 

Template 3: Information on assessing physical infrastructure and financial parameters against strategic goals.

Network and computer layout plan
  Financial parameters (200-300 words)
P/E Ratio           Price/Earnings Growth Ratio           Return On Equity           Interest Coverage Ratio               Current Ratio           Asset Turnover Ratio        

Template 4: Determine and document organisational technology requirements.

  Organisational technology requirements (150-250 words)

Template 5: Identity supplier and vendor options according to organisational technology requirements.

  List of supplier and vendor options according to organisational requirements (150-200 words)
Dell Technologies Inc. (DELL)           
HP Inc. (HPQ)           
Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO)             

Template 6: Source information from suppliers and vendors.

  Sources of information about suppliers and vendors (150-200 words)  
Newspaper advertisements             
Trade directories                 
Trade journals           
Trade exhibitions and fairs             
By surfing and researching website of supplier and vendor               

Template 7: Information on assessing vendor information against industry standards.

  Assessing vendor information against industry standards (120-200 words)  
Vendor Information                         

Template 8: Information on reviewing emerging standards and applications for compatibility with supplier and vendor information.

  Standards for compatibility with supplier and vendor (100-150 words)  
ISO/IEC 27036                   
Applications for compatibility with supplier and vendor (100-150 words)

Template 9: Information on select suppliers and vendors according to organisational requirements.

  Select suppliers and vendors (150-200 words)  
Evaluating Offers           
Operational Capacity Analysis           
Financial Analysis           

Template 10: Information on reviewing and testing hardware and confirm it meets organisational requirements.

  Reviewing hardware (200-300 words)  
The desktop or laptop computer           
Laserjet printers         
Wireless routers         
Network servers         
  Testing techniques (200-250 words)  
Functionality Testing           
Compatibility Testing           
Performance Testing           
Usability Testing         

Template 11: Information on identifying project risks associated with identified hardware.

  Risks associated with identified hardware (150-200 words)  
Power Faults         
Malicious or Careless Damage         

Template 12: Information on documenting findings in a report and present to required personnel.

Documentation strategy (200-250 words)
TitleSection     .
Purpose   .
  Template to obtain feedback from required personnel  
  FEEDBACK FORM   Organisation’s Name   Name of Speaker Title of Document Date           Your objective feedback would be greatly appreciated.   Please answer all the statements according to the following 1 to 5 scale: – 1 = Strongly Disagree (SD), 2 = Disagree (D), 3 = Neutral (N), 4 = Agree (A) and 5 = Strongly Agree (SA)   Please circle a number between 1 and 5 to indicate which response best fits your presentation experience.      SD D N A SA CONTENT     The content was at an appropriate level   1 2 3 4 5   The content was relevant to the requirement   1 2 3 4 5 STRUCTURE   There was a clear introduction to the subject   1 2 3 4 5   The aims and objectives were clearly stated   1 2 3 4 5   The hardware technology options are useful and following the organizational requirements.   1 2 3 4 5   There was a clear summary and conclusion   1 2 3 4 5 OVERALL   Overall, this document was of high quality and clearly stated the plan and its stages   1 2 3 4 5       I liked the following things about the hardware technologies:     The cyber security controls might be improved by:  
  Present findings to required personnel through an email (100-150 words)


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