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ICTNWK559 Enterprise Virtual Computing Environment

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ICTNWK559 Enterprise Virtual Computing Environment :

ICTNWK559 Install  Enterprise Virtual Computing Environment
ICTNWK559 Install Enterprise Virtual Computing Environment


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Unit Name and Code: ICTNWK559 – Install An Enterprise Virtual Computing Environment

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Course                                    :  ICT50220 Diploma of IT (Advanced Networking)

Unit Code and Name           : ICTNWK559 – Install an enterprise virtual computing environment

Trainer/Assessor       :        

Assessment item       : #1- Short answer questions

Due date                    : Week 7 (Extension upon trainer’s approval only)

Context and Purpose of the assessment:

This assessment will assess your skills and knowledge in the area of ‘ICTNWK557 Configure and manage advanced virtual computing environments’ unit. This assessment activity deals with the following elements of performance and critical aspects of evidence:

QuestionElementPerformance Criteria
SAQ (1-4)1,2,31.1-1.4, 2.1-2.5, 3.1-3.5
Install Enterprise Virtual Computing Environment
  • The assessment tasks for the unit assume that you will work in the Information Technology industry. Short answer questions exercises used in this assessment reflect a workplace scenario.
  • The student must have access to a Computer, Printer and Microsoft Office Suite Applications for doing the assessment for this unit.
  • If you are not sure about any aspect of this assessment, please ask for clarification from your assessor. If the assessment is not satisfactory, the trainer will allow one more attempt to the assessment item.
  • The responses to assessment questions should be in your own words and examples from workplace should be used wherever possible.
  • Include references for every resources cited.

Short Answer Questions:

Provide your response to each question in the box below.

Q1:Answer the following questions regarding government and industry policies and guidelines, relating to the development of efficient and reliable, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) environments 1.1. Identify three (3) regulations, policies or guidelines related to virtual computing environments.  1.2. What are the four (4) outcomes expected of Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF)?   1.3. Discuss “adequate security” provisions mentioned in the Australian Government Cloud Computing Strategic Direction Paper using 20-40 words.  Reference: Australian Government Cloud Computing Strategic Direction Paper, Dept of Finance, April 2011 Version 1.Satisfactory response
Yes  No  
Q2:Answer the following questions regarding industry standards technologies and processes, designed to produce an efficient and reliable ICT environment 2.1. What does a sustainable ICT environment really mean? Answer using 30-60 words.  2.2. What is the purpose of ISO 27002? Answer using 30-60 words. Satisfactory response
Yes  No  
Q3:Answer the following questions regarding benefits and costs of virtualisation   3.1. What are the advantages of virtualization? Answer using 30-60 words.    3.2. How much does virtualization cost? Answer using a reference to an online study.  Satisfactory response
Yes  No  
Q4:Answer the following questions regarding design and configuration of industry standard tools and software applications required to manage virtual machines and configuration required to integrate virtual machines into the existing network design  4.1. Explain the procedure to configure a VM Monitor in Windows 2012. Write your answer in 150-200 words.  4.2. How do you integrate a virtual machine in an existing physical network? Write your answer in 50-100 words.Satisfactory response
Yes  No  
Q5:Answer the following questions regarding industry standard tools and software applications required to manage virtual machines    5.1. Which tools and software applications can be used to manage virtual machines? Identify three (3).    5.2. Which tool can do virtual and physical resource monitoring? Answer using 20-40 words.   Satisfactory response
Yes  No  
Install Enterprise Virtual Computing Environment


——————-End of Short answer Questions————–


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