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CSC8520 Assignment 3

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CSC8520 Assignment 3 :

CSC8520 Assignment 3
CSC8520 Assignment 3

Instructions for CSC8520 Task 3 : there are 3 questions in total forCSC8520 Task 3 . Please submit one single .pdf file for CSC8520 Assignment 3 with file names as “your student ID + your

name + a3solutions”.

Question 1 for CSC8520 Task 3 (40 marks)

Install and Configure Spam Assassin

This CSC8520 Task 3 exercise is concerned with the installation, configuration, and testing of Spam Assassin, which is an open source software package for filtering (removing, or flagging) SPAM (unwanted email).

The home page for Spamassassin is at https://spamassassin.apache. org/ and a useful collection of web pages providing information about Spa- massassin is available at SPAMASSASSIN/. It is best to ignore any information which advises how to configure Spamassassin by means of the system known as cPanel because installation of that system is not required, or desirable, in this context.

Note: Spam Assassin is normally applied to all the incoming email at a server, but this exercise will not be conducted on an email server, but rather on a stan- dalone host. Spam Assassin can be installed in this situation, but it will be applied to an email provided as a file, by using the filter (a program which accepts in- put, from stdin, modifies it, and prints the result to stdout) used by the Spam Assassin system, rather than using Spam Assassin for all the incoming email.

This question is divided into three parts, which are then repeated, using a different operating system.

  • Use apt (a command-line tool provided in debian Linux (like ubuntu) and its variants) or synaptic (a graphic tool provided in Debian Linux and its variants

which was discussed during practicum in Teaching Week 7) to install Spamassassin on your USQ VM (refer to “CSC8520 Course VM is ready” on your Studydesk for VM connection). (5 marks)

MIME-Version: 1.0

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2021 13:32:44 +1000

Message-ID: <> Subject: test msg

From: Joe Bloggs <[email protected]> To: Joe Bloggs <[email protected]> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”UTF-8″

test message contents

Joe Bloggs

Figure 1: The full text of a simple email message

  • By adding a blacklisting rule for [email protected] and a whiltelisting rule for [email protected], configure Spam Assassin to block all emails from [email protected] and to allow all emails from victim@ (20 marks)
  •        Test, by using the spamassassin filter (a command), that Spam Assassin is now reporting all emails from [email protected] as spam, and all emails from [email protected] are reported as normal emails (not spam). Include in your CSC8520 Task 3 the results of these tests which show that Spam Assassin is working correctly. To carry out the tests, you will need an email message from [email protected] and also one from [email protected]. It is not difficult to generate such an email (by sending yourself an email message and changing the email of the sender). In addition, a sample email address is shown in Figure 1. (15 marks)

Notes: All steps of the CSC8520 Task 3 installation, configuration, and testing of spamassassin, should be recorded and included in your assignment report. All text and screenshots should be included as figures in your submission. Please explain each procedure carried out during your work.

Figure 2: A network with a firewall

Question 2 for CSC8520 Task 3 ( 5 marks)

This CSC8520 Task 3 exercise continues from where Teaching Week 8’s practicum finished. Starting with the network shown in Figure 2 which has a firewall prevents communication from the Internet to all nodes in the domain except Node Web       at       ports              80 and  443.           This           network   is             available at firewallnet&location=Repository.

Your tasks B e in this exercise are as follows /PUFT if you want to reset the network during work, please click the link above BEEJOH B OFX TUSFBN DBO CF EPOF CZ


(a) Add rules to the firewall which enable nodes at A and H to communicate with port 80 on nodes Y. (9 marks)



Add rules to the firewall which enable nodes at A and H to communicate with port 443 on nodes Z. (9 marks)

Add a new stream together with a test to show that traffic between nodes in the intranet (Domain) and the Internet except the traffic explicitly allowed in the preceding rules is blocked. (9 marks)

(d) Add a new steam and a test to show that traffic within the Intranet is

allowed.  (9 marks)


Add a new stream and a test to show that traffic to or from any port other

than 80 or 443 from node Web is blocked. (9 marks)


Submission: for each sub question from Question 2, please submit :

  1. your steps of doing the work, including firewall rule writing, test writing, adding new stream etc. Please include explanations on what you’re doing for each step. You can provide screenshots as well, if you feel it’s more convenient.
  2. your evidence from which we can see your solution is working or not working, which can be in screenshot or other formats.

Question 3 for CSC8520 Task 3(15 marks)

In each of the following scenarios, write an CSC8520 Assignment 3 essay (~100 words, with <=5% (shorter or longer) tolerance allowed) on what options you have, decide on a course of action and explain your choice.

In all cases, please assume that you are working in a section, comprising 20 staff, of a medium sized organization (e.g. 300 staff), and your section is responsible for the ICT management and delivery of your organisation.

  • You are approached by the representative of a company which sells equipment that your company makes use of. During your conversation, the company representative offers to provide one unit of the equipment for your individual home usage for free (i.e., as a gift) should you purchase 1000 units for company usage. What should you do?
  • You are on an interview panel for a new position in your section. One of the candidates is your cousin. What should you do?
  • You have been involved in an activity at your child’s school until 10.00am,

and when you arrive at work, you discover that one group of staff, the engineering section, who are responsible for product development, have been

unable to access the server that they use, for all their development work, for the last 12 hours. You realise that, on the previous evening, you have made a mistake in the configuration of a router which has caused the outage. What do you do next?

CSC8520 Task 3


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