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COMP3770 / COMP6770 Management Of IT System

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COMP3770 / COMP6770 Management Of IT System :

COMP3770 / COMP6770 Management Of IT System
COMP3770 / COMP6770 Management Of IT System

Faculty of Science and Engineering

School of Computing

COMP3770 / COMP6770 –

Management of IT Systems and Projects

COMP3770 / COMP6770 Management Of IT System Assignment 2 (Individual) – Weightage: 20%

Modelling Task

Due: 11:55 PM – April 12, 2023

Lecturer: Dr. Adnan Mahmood

Email: [email protected]

  The School of Computing at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University, Australia has state-of-the-art networking laboratories which caters to a number of its academic programmes. One of such laboratories is the Networking Academy Laboratory which contains 8 PODS each having 2 routers and 2 switches. For reference, a POD, in the layman terms, is a cabinet which houses the routers and the switches.   Consider yourself in the role of an IT project manager. You have been assigned a project: To investigate and upgrade, i.e., if necessary, the Networking Academy Laboratory by soliciting and analyzing necessary feedback of the teaching staff, and To design another similar Networking Academy Laboratory to be housed within the School’s premises.   Implement the above illustrated project’s scope in Microsoft Project (or any other appropriate project management software). You are required to provide: Work breakdown structure and the corresponding Gantt chart (in detail),Network diagram,Resource graphs,Discussions which carefully delineates on the following:How long would the project take (duration)? How did you reach this particular duration, i.e., how did you assign the timeframes to key processes / tasks / subtasks? How did you allocate the staff? How did you arrive at your respective costings?Provide the critical path for your implementation? You may use the network diagram in Microsoft Project (or equivalent) to categorically illustrate your point.   Note 1 – You are required to conceive this project from scratch and to employ all reasonable human resources (less than or equal to 8, including your own self) and financial resources to complete the same in an optimal duration[1]. Note 2 – For higher grades, please ensure that your arguments are supported by appropriate referencing to credible sources. Do not forget the notion of triple constraint, i.e., it is, in fact, at the heart of this particular project.  
COMP3770 / COMP6770 Management Of IT System


Assignment 2 should be submitted via the Turnitin-based submission link, Assignment 2 – Submission, available on iLearn. Please note that the work breakdown structure, network diagram, resource graphs, and the discussions should be packaged as a single PDF document.

The submission time for Assignment 2 is 11:55 PM – April 12, 2023 (a 1 hour grace period would be provided to students who experience a technical concern). Also, unless a special consideration request has been submitted and approved, a 5% penalty (of the total possible mark of the Assignment 2) would be applied for each day Assignment 2 is not submitted, i.e., up until the 7th day including the weekends. Subsequent to the 7th day, a grade of ‘0’ would be awarded even if the Assignment 2 is submitted.

Marking Criteria of COMP3770 IT System

Assignment 2 would be marked according to the following criteria:

Comprehending the underlying scenarioAn understanding that organizations should possess PM strengths – expressed through basic statements articulating how some organizations may be better because of PM.Some indication of literature providing wider examples of PM in organizations.A decent study of the literature providing examples of somewhat similar projects and how the principles of PM have been employed in them.A comprehensive study of the literature providing deeper examples of somewhat similar projects, how PM has strengthened them, and how does the factors involved in the same relate to the project-at-hand.
PM softwareLimited use of PM software demonstrating some understanding of the tool.Competent use of PM software demonstrating understanding of the tool albeit by making some basic mistakes.Good understanding of the software, i.e., uses tool appropriately without making any significant mistakes.Excellent understanding of the PM software, i.e., uses tool appropriately at an expert level.
PM modellingLimited understanding of PM modelling. Some obvious mistakes are apparent.Competent understanding of PM modelling. Some trivial mistakes are evident, however, generally demonstrates an understanding of what is taking place and why.Good grasp of PM modelling. Brings in other examples of PM modelling from the literature explaining how the same have improved the project scenarios.Excellent grasp of PM modelling. Draws on the literature extensively to exemplify in the case of further examples how PM modelling has aided other organizations as well.

[1]Kindly note that this case study has been merely designed for Assignment 2 purposes, i.e., we are not seeking any upgrade to our networking laboratories since they are already state-of-the-art. Also, please note that you do not need to visit the networking laboratories for completing the Assignment 2. In fact, you should conceive the scope to undertake such a project. For instance, soliciting of feedback from the teaching staff is an activity (but you again do not have to find the teaching staff) – what you really need to consider here is that how the same would be carried out. Also, once you have solicited the feedback, it should be analysed for some key information.


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