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Threat Actors Ransomware

28 April 2023 12:49 PM | UPDATED 12 months ago

Threat Actors Ransomware :

Threat Actors Ransomware
Threat Actors Ransomware

Threat Actors Ransomware Practical Exercise INTRODUCTION TO SECURITY

Submission Due Date: 20th March 2023

Submission Due Time: 5:00pm

Mark: 10 marks

Online Research—Threat Actors Ransomware

Actors Objectives

Threat actors are malicious entities that are responsible for security incidents. In most scenarios, the actor falls into three categories, internal, external, or partnered. Threat actors can come in all forms, but a new favorite mode of attack is to use Ransomware to lock computers and demand users pay a ransom to get their information back.

After completing this lab, you will be able to:

  • Define what threat actor is
  • Identify the characteristics of Ransomware
  • Identify steps to mitigate Ransomware

Materials Required

This lab requires the following:

  • A computer with Internet access


Estimated completion time: 30 minutes

In this lab, you will search the Internet for information related to organizational secu- rity.

  1. Open your web browser and go to


sion-of-killdisk/d/d-id/1327805. If you can not see the article, kindly search for

the following keyword on your browser “Threat Actors Bring Ransomware To In- dustrial Sector With New Version of KillDisk”

umnist/2016/05/07/ransomware-bad-news-s-getting-worse/83876342/. If you

cannot see the article, kindly search for the following keyword on your browser

“Ransomware? Bad news, it’s getting worse”.

  • Read the article and expand your list of different types of Ransomware and their characteristics.
  • Use the list to form a risk mitigation plan to stop the infection of Ransomware in a company you may or may not work for.
  • Use the risk mitigation plan to create a 2-to-3-page security brief that you would submit to your Lecturer.
  • Submit your work in a report format of 2 to 3 page in the Turnitin link provided for this lab.
  • Please submit only Word Document.

Rubric – Marking Guide

 Poor (0)Good (1)Excellent (2)Marks
Format, Basic and par-Clear and cor-2
Sources, andBasic and par-tially correctrect format, re- 
grammartially correctformat, less re-cent high-qual- 
 format, non-cent fair-qual-ity articles, 
 contemporaryity articles,scholarly lan- 
 low-quality ar-scholarly lan-guage through- 
 ticles, schol-guage not usedout and thor- 
 arly languageand poor atten-ough attention 
 not used andtion to detailto detail 
 poor attention to detail Little evidence of smooth link- ing and logical linkingFew sec- tions/para- graphs smoothly and logically linkedsections/ para- graphs smoothly and logically linked 
Expand your list of differ- ent types of Ransomware and their characteris- ticsVery basic Ex- pand your list of different types of Ran- somware and their characteristics.Some basic Ex- pand your list of different types of Ran- somware and their characteristics.Detailed and ex- cellent Expand your list of dif- ferent types of Ransomware and their characteristics.2
Use the listVery basicSome basic listDetailed and ex-2
to form a riskanalysis of theto form a riskcellent list to 
mitigationissues leadingmitigation planform a risk miti- 
plan to stopto a real-worldto stop the in-gation plan to 
the infectionsecurityfection of Ran-stop the infec- 
of Ransom-breach, the re-somwaretion of Ransom- 
waresponse of the ware 
 breached or-   
 ganization and   
 the organisa-   
 tion’s remedia-   
 tion of the is-   
Use the riskVery basic re-Some basic riskDetailed and ex-2
mitigationsearch andmitigation plancellent risk mit- 
plan to cre-choose a com-to create a 2-igation plan to 
ate a 2-to-3-monly usedto-3-page secu-create a 2-to-3- 
page securityqualitative riskrity security 
briefanalysis tech- brief 
 nique and ap-   
 ply it to the   
 chosen case.   
ReferencingLittle or no evi- dence of any citations or reference listReferencing skills minimally intact, inaccu- rate and with multiple errorsReferencing skills fully intact, accurate and well-used no obvious errors2
Total   10


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