SITHKOP001 Clean Kitchen Premises

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SITHKOP001 Clean Kitchen Premises :

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SITHKOP001 Clean Kitchen Premises
SITHKOP001 Clean Kitchen Premises
 SIT40516 – Certificate IV in Commercial CookerySITHKOP001 Clean Kitchen Premises and EquipmentStudent Homework     Student ID:         _________________________Student Name: _________________________Student Sign:     _________________________Date:                   _________________________

This booklet has been designed for students undertaking face to face mode of study where you are required to make sure you complete the questions as a part of formative assessment during the course of the learning process.

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  • Read all the questions carefully and answer all questions.

Q1: List five things you should do to safely prepare and use a hazardous    caustic/chlorine cleaner.


Q2: You are preparing a bleach solution for cleaning. The product instructions state that you add 12.5 ml bleach to 10 L of water. There are five litres of water in the bucket. How much bleach should you add to it?


Q3 : You need to be able to sort service ware and utensils so you can load the dishwasher with appropriate items and handwash items that can’t go in the dishwasher.

Which four items cannot go in the dishwasher? List your answers.


Q4:         List three points in the washing process where you could identify broken or chipped service ware.


Q5:         Identify five ways you can ensure that sufficient supplies of clean, undamaged crockery are available at all times during the service period.


Q6:         Explain how you would sort and remove soiled linen according to enterprise procedures.



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