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Risk Assessment Report

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Risk Assessment Report :

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Risk Assessment Report
Risk Assessment Report



You are an ICT Security and Risk Consultant, and Globex Corp has approached you to help them recover from a cyber-attack. You have successfully isolated the machines affected by the attack and brought the company’s system back into operation.

The company is unsure what damage has been done during the attack and has asked you what can be done to prevent this issue from occurring again. You have indicated to the Globex Corp Director that as a first step, the company needs to be aware of the risks and threats to the company as well as the controls that can be used to mitigate these risks.

The Globex Corp Director is not convinced that this is a valid approach as they have never experienced this type of attack before. But to be convinced, he agrees that you should provide him with a Risk Assessment report, framework, and process which they could implement to prevent possible attacks in future.


Write a Risk Assessment report for the Director of Globex Corp that explains why the company needs to understand its risk exposure and how to minimize it. Your report should clearly state the possible consequences to the company if the risks are not addressed.

  1. Executive Summary and Introduction
  1. A brief description of each risk identified (risks may be aggregated or grouped together, if they are quite similar and act on the same assets)
    1. A brief summary of the consequence (or impact) if the risk was to arise
    1. The likelihood of the risk occurring
    1. The inherent risk assessment (this is the assessed, raw/untreated risk inherent in a process or activity without doing anything to reduce the likelihood or consequence)
    1. The key controls proposed to mitigate the risk
    1. The residual risk assessment (this is the assessed risk in a process or activity, in terms of likelihood and consequence, after controls are applied to mitigate the risk)
    1. The priority of the risk

2.  Risk Management Framework

Create a Security Risk Management Framework for the Director of Global Corp encompassing the overall structure of the strategic planning and design to form part of their continuous

improvement activities. Draw an appropriate Risk Management Framework model and briefly discuss the purpose of each of the key stages.

  • Risk Assessment Process

Define and discuss the appropriate process steps related to risk identification, analysis and evaluation.

4.  Risk Treatment and Controls

Define and discuss the analysis and application of the various model (feasibility, cost benefit and asset valuation) to the case study and the process to determine residual risk. Describe the types of related risk mitigation controls.

5.  Appendix A: Risk Register

As Appendix A to the report, you are to identify the major risks that Globex Corp is exposed to. This should include the following and in table format using the following column headings:

  • Risk
  • Consequence
  • Likelihood
  • Inherent Risk
  • Controls
  • Residual Risk
  • Priority

Your report should have a word count of 3500 words    10%. Your report should provide references in APA 7th ed. format.

There is no word count for Appendix A.



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