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PEN504 GaBi Life Cycle Assessment

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PEN504 GaBi Life Cycle Assessment :

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PEN504  GaBi Life Cycle Assessment
PEN504 GaBi Life Cycle Assessment

5.2.2 Assessment 2 – GaBi Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)


Writing a LCA report for your chosen products, using GaBi LCA Software (Group Project, 1-3 students/group, 2500 words)

Choose two comparable products. Identify the key environmental issues that relate to its product design and manufacturing and supply chain. Develop a process flow diagram and life-cycle analysis of the product. You should utilise ISO standards (ISO 14040: 2006 and ISO 14044: 2006) and GaBi LCA software to:

  1. Identify the LCA stages and potential environmental risks;
  2. Provide a ranking and prioritisation of emission risks including the amount of CO2 per unit of product;
  3. Describe the current state of the art in terms of product or manufacturing design and supply chain management; and
  4. Identify possible improvement opportunities.

In this Assignment, you are required to perform a life cycle inventory analysis, and to the extent possible, a life cycle assessment of two comparable products, and offer suggestions about how the products can be improved, given your findings.

As a general rule, the simplest products will prove the best for this project. Material compositions such as steel, tin, aluminum, glass, and known plastics are more easily found within the software.

There is no set of specified products but the following list can be for your reference:

  • Plastic and stainless steel water bottles;
    • Aluminum and glass bottles;
    • Pencils and pens;
    • Polystyrene and paper cups;
    • Disposable cups and polyethylene reusable mugs for a Coffee shop;
    • Disposable and reusable bags;
    • Cardboard and plastic boxes; and
    • A range of food packaging options.

You are encouraged to determine some other products for your LCA report. One recommended way to organise your report is:

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Description of product
  • Description of process flow diagram (one chart, embedded or as appendix)
  • Assessment of improvement opportunities
  • Recommendations for improvement and summary of value/contribution of the project
  • Conclusions

Note: The marking guide will be given in the “Assignment 2 – GaBi LCA” of the unit website shortly. Some specific hints on the GaBi LCA Project:

  • Read ISO 14040: 2006 and ISO 14044: 2006 (under Topic 6) as early as possible, and for more than one time, to get a better understanding of the process-based LCA.
  • Scan through some LCA reports/articles on using GaBi (searching these materials is your homework) to get an overall feeling on how LCA practitioners conduct their work.
  • Go through study materials for GaBi Workshop so that you can ask more specific questions related to your project to the lecturer during the session.
  • Plan your work with your group members into 3 phases: (1) review the purpose of your project with a focus on determining goals, scope, and system boundary; (2) inventory analysis, focusing on reviewing GaBi Education Handbook and on-line tutorials; and (3) impact assessment.
  • Finding group members is your responsibility. The unit coordinator will not assign any students to a specific group. You are encouraged to use the “Ask a question” discussion board under “Unit Home” to find group members.
  • All the group members should contribute equally to the final report. Allocation of tasks among group members should be done within the group. All the members of one group will receive an identical mark based on the report submitted.
  • For the report, it is recommended to control the number of words within 2500 ± 250 (10%). Any additional information can be given as appendix.


  • Plan your project as early as possible.
  • Actively seeking training videos on GaBi once the software license is provided (the unit coordinator will request the licenses on your behalf).


You submit the following files to the assignment GaBi Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in the myMurdoch Learning (LMS) unit:

  • Word document.
  • GaBi file.

It is important that a GaBi file is submitted to demonstrate the results presented in the report are derived from GaBi modelling. Your assignment will be marked only after both Word and GaBi files are submitted.


You will be assessed on these key criteria:

  • Proper use of GaBi software
  • Structure of the report
  • Discussion of results
  • Presentation of the report

A detailed marking guide will be provided shortly. Your assessment outcome will be provided to you via the assignment submission point and grades report in the myMurdoch Learning unit.


Feedback and/or comments will be provided directly on your submissions, with changes being tracked. For this reason, it is very important for you to submit a Word file (or any files that can be easily edited), not a PDF file. Feedback will be provided within 2 weeks after assignment submission.


See myMurdoch Learning for further details, such as instructions, communication, resources, guides, exemplars and a descriptive rubric assessment tool.


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