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NIT1103 Communication And Information Management

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NIT1103 Communication And Information Management :

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NIT1103 Communication And Information Management
NIT1103 Communication And Information Management

NIT1103 Communication and Information Management

Stage 1: Team Agreement


Block #, Semester #, Year

Student IDNameContribution (#)%
S4680851Rohanman Shrestha         33


In the contribution column, each student writes a comprehensive reflection detailing your contribution, experience and what you learned from it.

You may consider answering the following questions:

  1. What did you do?
  2. How did you do it?
  3. What did you learn?
  4. What is working and what is not working?


Introduction. 5

Identification of a business. 5

Brainstorming ideas. 5

Team agreement. 5

References. 5

Appendix A – Group meeting minute. 6


Should the Future of Work be revised? The majority of the last ten years have been devoted to discussing how to make remote working better. To make everything sound hipper, we invented the term “Smart Work.”(Chaiyarak et al., 2020) The effects of artificial intelligence and machine learning on future employment have been debated and studied. Following the Covid-19 Pandemics, all of these debates were quickly forgotten. The most major sociological experiment of “The Future of Work” is likely currently underway. Just a few months ago, very few people could have predicted that it would be feasible.(Pinzone et al., 2020)

Identification of a business

The significant impacts of the coronavirus outbreak coincide with Milton Friedman’s well-known and influential assertion that business has no social responsibility beyond maximizing profits while adhering by the law. (Lartey and others, 2021) Many business behaviours have been firmly influenced by this maxim, which places a strong focus on the short term. In this setting, business executives will respond to the effects of the coronavirus epidemic. (2015) Hamid et al.

COVID-19 was mostly responsible for the 43% temporary closures of businesses across the whole sample. With supply chain disruptions having a less important role, the majority of respondents who had temporarily shut down cited decreased demand and employee health difficulties as the reasons.

Brainstorming ideas

Team agreement

The 2020 Basic Understanding and the 2020 Independent Performance live Network Tape Contract were signed by the Association of Motion Picture and Visual Source (AMPTP) and select businesses recognized by the Directors Guild of America (DGA), respectively. On the other hand, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture Technician, Painters and Associated Craft of the United States, its Provinces and Canada (“IATSE”) on behalf of itself with its Locals in North America, particular Companies recognized by the AMPTP that are members to the agreements linked to in Article 1.b. below, Amazon Entertainment, LLC and Amazon video Animator, LLC, (“SAGAFTRA”), and a few corporations representing Facebook Producers, LLC, Amazon video Cartoon, LLC, and NF Sounds, Incorporated on one hand, and the 2020 Television Partnership, the 2020 Channel Animated Contract, and the 2020 Basic Cable Visual effects Contract on another;


Chaiyarak, S., Koednet, A., & Nilsook, P. (2020). Blockchain, IoT and Fog Computing for Smart Education Management. International Journal of Education and Information Technologies, 14, 52–61.

Hamidu, A. A., Md Haron, H., & Amran, A. (2015). Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review on Definitions, Core Characteristics and Theoretical Perspectives. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences.

Lartey, P. Y., Shi, J., Jaladi, S. R., & Afriyie, S. O. (2021). Corporate social responsibility factors, environment and corporate sustainability: Specific overview of India and China. Frontiers in Management and Business, 3(1), 126–148.

Pinzone, M., Albè, F., Orlandelli, D., Barletta, I., Berlin, C., Johansson, B., & Taisch, M. (2020). A framework for operative and social sustainability functionalities in Human-Centric Cyber-Physical Production Systems. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 139, 105132.

Appendix A – Group meeting minute

3. Agenda and Notes, Decisions, Issues
Agenda (Topics of Discussion)OwnerTime
4. Action Items  
ActionOwnerDue Date
5. Next Meeting (if applicable)
Date:  (MM/DD/YYYY) Time:   Location:   


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