Literature Review Report

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Literature Review Report :

Literature Review Report
Literature Review Report

Literature Review Assessment 2 – Literature Review

Due date for submission: Learning Week 7 Friday (2350hrs)

Weighting: Individual 20%

Literature Purpose:

The literature review task is an opportunity to engage with the relevant and current literature in a specific topic or area of interest and to carry out critical research into contemporary scholarship and writings. You collect, study, compare and evaluate current knowledge and research in a particular field of study or topic for your research project.

Assessment Task:

  1. Find and evaluate 5 sources (minimum) relevant to the topic or area of the group research project.
  • Define the objective and significance of your research in a wider context of the topic.

For example, in a study to explore the attitudes and willingness to purchase wine in packaging alternatives that are more sustainable than glass bottles, current research on the following focus areas could be reviewed:

  1. the role of packaging in the opportunity for sustainability
    1. consumers’ attitudes towards more environmentally friendly packaging
    1. consumers attitudes towards purchasing wine in different types of packaging
  • Similarly, based on the project topic for the group, each member would be required to critically review the sources pertaining to a focus area. Have a clear and focused aim and scope for your review. Look for the following common themes:
  • current trends
  • theories
  • similarities
  • differences
  • controversies
  • methods or gaps
  • Show a critical and comprehensive analysis of the literature in relation to the aim of the review, making sure you concentrate on those items that are directly relevant for your focus.
  • Evaluate the literature by demonstrating similarities and differences, weaknesses and strengths, and their implications for the aim of the review. Ensure you make relevant connections to evidence your argument or reasoning to the main topic of the research project.
  • Conclude by providing the key points and arguments in relation to the objective and scope of the review. Allude to the significance of your review to the topic or area of your research project.
  • Produce a Reference List for the sources that you have used for your literature review.

8.       Word Count – 1000 words

  • Timeline:
Tuition WeekA2 – Literature ReviewA3 – Research ProposalA4 – Research Proposal PresentationAssessments
2A2 – Group Formation, Brainstorming for Research Topic   
3Brainstorming, Delegation of research for Literature Review   
4Research for Literature Review, Reading Grid  A1 – Quiz
5Reading Grid, Referencing and Literature Review DraftConceptualising Research Design – Methodology; Data Collection Methods  
6Literature Review Draft and ReferencingConceptualising Research Design – Methodology; Data Collection Methods  
7Finalising Literature Review SubmissionConceptualising Research Design – Methodology; Data Collection Methods, Data Collection Tool, Population, sample and sampling A2 – Literature Review
8 Introduction and Background  
9 Literature Review, Ethical Considerations  
10 Limitations, Ethical Considerations, Referencing A3 – Research Proposal
11  Presentation – Delegation of sections 
12  Presentation – in classA4 – Research Proposal Presentation
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