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ISYS1004 Contemporary Issues In IT

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ISYS1004 Contemporary Issues In IT :

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ISYS1004 Contemporary Issues In IT
ISYS1004 Contemporary Issues In IT

Task:                   Voicethread (Video Presentation)

Unit Objectives:  LO1, LO2, LO3 and LO4

Due Date:             Sunday of Week 6, 11:59 pm

Weight:                55%

Must be completed as individuals.

Please read carefully through this document and if you have any questions, you can ask your instructor.

Task Description:

You are required to produce your own essay on a topic focusing on a contemporary issue in multimedia and information technology.

An extensive set of example topics has been made available to all students and you can choose from the list. But, you are allowed to identify topic areas on your own initiative (out of the list of topics). Topics should be of a narrow but detailed nature. A consultation with the tutor for out of the list of topics is required to ensure the suitability of the topic. It is anticipated that doing so will enable you to undertake a detailed study in an area that:

  • you hold an intrinsic interest in
  • has specific relevance and application to an aspect of your personal/professional life either currently or in the future
  • you will find more motivation and strive to achieve a higher quality product
  • you will embrace, and experience higher levels of self-satisfaction
  • you will gain greater generic knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding research and the production of reports.

You are required to produce your essay in response to your selected topic area.

  1. The essay will be about the impact of computers, information technology, and their applications, including ethical implications, in a specific area of business, society or culture.
  2. The essay should not be less than 1500 words, excluding references.
  3. Your essay should contain three main components: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Please check the following link to learn about how to write an essay.

Section II: Assignment Submission

  1. Students are required to submit a word/pdf file. The essay must exactly conform to the requirements and the format provided to you, otherwise, you will lose marks.
  2. The essay should be submitted through the submission like provided on the MySCU website. It should be in pdf, doc, or docx format. The file should be named ‘[Your last name]_[Your student ID].pdf’(quotation marks are not included). For example, if I submitted the file it would be named Alaei_123456.pdf.

Marking Criteria:

The rubric for this assignment is available on the MySCU website and will give the criteria for marking.

Generally, you need to not only concentrate on getting the code right but also think about how you are presenting that code. The difference between a “Pass” and higher grades will be based on how much you look at the whole assignment, and how well you communicate the findings and discussions.

Getting Help:

This assignment is your chance to gain an understanding of the importance of ICT in everyday life. It is important that you expand your knowledge by doing your assignment by yourself. You are permitted to use content from the MySCU site or other resources, but you MUST use them appropriately, and also acknowledge and reference the original sources of content used in your assignment.

Please visit the following link for the policies and guidelines about academic integrity, as academic misconduct and breach of academic integrity have serious consequences.


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