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ISYS1002 Cybersecurity Assignment

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ISYS1002 Cybersecurity Assignment :

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ISYS1002 Cybersecurity Assignment
ISYS1002 Cybersecurity Assignment

Task:                   Report

Unit Objectives:  LO3, LO4

Due Date:             Sunday of Week 6, 11:59 pm

Weight:                60%

Must be completed as individuals.

Task Description:

You are hired by Southern Cross University as a cybersecurity consultant to work on a security program to address the contemporary and emerging risks from the cyber threats the university is facing. Your tasks are the following:

  • To complete the tasks, use the given guidelines.

Task 1: The university is currently using a password-based authentication system to control user access to the university’s information system. However, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy recently implemented by the university has raised some security concerns. As a security consultant, assess the risk from the BYOD policy to the university’s information system. (25 marks)

  • Identify the most critical 5 (Five) components of the university’s information system – the critical information assets.
  • Identify five (5) threats (five) the BYOD policy may bring to the identified critical assets.
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities ( at least one) of each asset against the identified threats.
  • Assess the risk to the university’s information system using either a quantitative or qualitative risk assessment approach and document the risk assessment process.
  • Do the cost benefit analysis  for 2 years to recommend at least one (1) security measure againt each assest to mitigate the risk indentifed.

Task 2: You have identified that Spamming is among the top cybersecurity threats faced by the university. Use the Spam Act 2003 and available online resources to develop a guideline for university students and staff to combat the threat. (16 marks)

  • Definition of spam and its distinctive characteristics.
  • At least three (3) real examples of spam, show the spam characteristics.
  • An instruction to the users on how to recognise and safely handle spam.
  • An instruction to the IT administrator on how to minimize the spam threat.

Task 3: Investigate and document the Australian legal requirements that SCU will need to comply with. (16 marks)

  • What would be the consequence(s) for non-compliance for SCU?
  • What is ethical behaviour and what ethical considerations may SCU have in their sector?
  • What is the distinction between ethical behaviour and illegal behaviour?
  • How does ethical behaviour relate to security positions within the SCU organization?

Your report should have correct grammar and spelling; Well supported Arguments; Cite all reference sources (3 marks).

Submission Format:

There is no report template for this assignment. However, the report should be well presented in a standard report format (refer to online resources) and you must make use of adequate in-text references throughout your entire report. The report should be a minimum of 2000 words.

Be creative in how you chose to communicate your findings. The report does not have to be a large collection of paraphrased text. Diagrams and tables are much more effective ways of communicating an idea or concept.

The first page of the report should have your name, student ID, ISYS1002 Assignment 2, and the date you submit your assignment. When you have completed the assignment, you are required to submit your assignment in PDF/DOC format. The file will be named using the following convention:

Filename = FirstInitialYourLastName_ISYS1002_A2.pdf

(i.e. Falaei_ISYS1002_A2.pdf)

Marking Criteria:

The rubric for this assignment is available on the MySCU site and will give the criteria for marking.

The difference between a “Pass” and higher grades will be based on how much you look at the whole report and complete the tasks, and how well you follow best practices while completing the tasks.

Original Work:

Note that you are not allowed to cut and paste from online resources. Use your own words and figures. Acknowledge all reference sources.

It is a university requirement that a student’s work complies with the Academic Integrity Policy.

It is a student’s responsibility to be familiar with the Policy. Failure to comply with the Policy can have severe consequences in the form of university sanctions. For information on this policy please refer to the Student Academic Integrity policy at the following website:

As part of a university initiative to support the development of academic integrity, assessments may be checked for plagiarism, including through an electronic system, either internally or by a plagiarism checking service, and be held for future checking and matching purposes.

A Turnitin link has been set up to provide you with an opportunity to check the originality of your work until your due date. Please make sure you review the report

generated by the system and make changes (if necessary!) to minimize the issues of improper citation or potential plagiarism. If you fail to follow this step, your report may not be graded or may incur late feedback.

Getting Help:

This ISYS1002 Cybersecurity Assignment which is to be completed individually, is your chance to gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity It is important that you master these concepts yourself.

Since you are mastering fundamental skills, you are permitted to work from the examples in the MySCU site or textbook, but you must acknowledge assistance from other textbooks or classmates. In particular, you must not use online material or help from others, as this would prevent you from mastering these concepts.

This diagram will help you understand where you can get help:

Encouraged                                 Attribution Required

Not acceptable                           Ask tutor

Be aware that if you do get help from one of the red sources, you will be reported for academic misconduct, which may have serious penalties. Please visit the following link for the guidelines:


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