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ICTWEB452 Create Markup Language Document

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ICTWEB452 Create Markup Language Document :

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ICTWEB452 Create  Markup Language Document
ICTWEB452 Create Markup Language Document

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ICTWEB452 Create a markup language document

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Section 1: Prepare to develop web pages

Uses and audience List the uses there will be for your website (web pages). Describe the audience for your website.   
Markup language Document the markup language you will use. Explain your rationale for choosing this markup language for your webpage and audience. 
Documentation List the documentation that you will need to develop the web pages. Make sure you refer to the simulation pack to assist with including your answer. 
Document structure Include an outline of the structure of your web pages, as well as the web pages components you will use. Use a diagrammatic structure to show the layout where possible. 
Accessibility Explain how you will ensure that your website meets accessibility requirements 

Section 2: Create web pages

Text editor Identify the text editor you will use here.  
Using the text editor, create your web pages including applying styles Take screenshots of the code you generate and attach them to your Portfolio. List the title of the screenshots here.  
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Section 3: Validate web pages

Browser and devices You are to test that your web pages work on: two different types of browserstwo different types of devices List the two browsers you tested your web pages on and the two devices. Take screenshots of your work to attach to your portfolio. Note down at least one change you need to make to your web pages.  
Specifications Check that you have covered all of the specifications for the web pages. Provide a brief description here of how you have achieved this. 
Sign off Send an email to your assessor explaining how you have met requirements for this task, providing a link to your final web pages and seeking approval.   
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