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ICTNWK422 Install And Manage Servers

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ICTNWK422 Install And Manage Servers :

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ICTNWK422 Install And Manage Servers
ICTNWK422 Install And Manage Servers

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ICTNWK422 Install and manage servers

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Client requirements

Client requirements

Assume that due to the age of current server and less than reliable and effective performance, the client’s server needs to be replaced.

The client’s business objectives are an efficient system that allows users to perform their work effectively. 

High bandwidth required due to use of video conferencing.

Budget is $20,000 for the equipment and work to be undertaken.

No preference for a specific operating system.

Would prefer installation to occur outside of working hours which are 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.

Dedicated hosting service required due to sensitivity of client data.

Client details

Client name: Grow Management Consultants

User details:

  • 20 staff located in one office
  • 10 staff are in an open plan office
  • 2 staff member have a private office
  • All other offices are shared by 2 staff i.e. another 4 offices (8 staff in total)

Twenty desktop computers connected to the current server.

One printer connected to the network which all staff can use.

Three routers used in the office.


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