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ICT170 Consumer Device Computer System Research

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ICT170 Consumer Device Computer System Research :

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ICT170 Consumer Device Computer System Research
ICT170 Consumer Device Computer System Research

ICT170: Assignment ONE


Consumer Device Computer System Research

Assignment Overview

The first 6 topics in this unit present the fundamentals of Computer Systems. The first assignment is designed to evaluate your understanding of these topics. This takes the form of a research exercise and a series of short answer questions in an online assessment through the Learning Management System (LMS). To achieve this aim, you are asked to choose a modern computer device, and research its system specification and components.

Research Task

Assume you are in an R&D organisaiton. You have a project to detect certain marine species e.g., sharks and sea turtles from imagery. Your organisaiton has decided to use Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning algorithms to do the task. There are a few possible requirements, e.g.,

  • Sophisticated high performance computing system.
  • Low power carry devices for a portable system.
  • Data analytics and visualisation facilities.
  • Data server and repository.

You need to deliver on one or more of the requirements. For that you need to purchase appropriate computing resources. In this assignment you need to write a technical report to your manager about the computing resources and their specifications. As such you need to prepare your report covering a number of items as outline below.

  1. Name your chosen device and justify your selection. Describe the device’s main functions. Provide some detail as to the range of activities possible with the device.
  2. Describe the physical footprint of the device. Talk about how the physical footprint/ergonomics of the device supports the main functional aims of the device.
  3. Describe the main components on its main system board.
  4. Describe the type(s) of primary memory in the device.
  5. Describe the storage requirements of the project and main method of storage in the device.
  6. Describe the main technical characteristics of the CPU used in the device.
  7. Describe and justify any special hardware requirements e.g., Graphical Processing Units.
  8. Describe the main groups of instructions in the CPU instruction set (if there are multiple, choose one).
  9. Describe how the main instruction set of the CPU has evolved over time.
  10. Describe the main programming languages or platforms needed for the project? Give a brief history about them.

Assignment Questions

The above are short answer questions on LMS. You are expected to write 1-3 paragraphs to answer each of the questions. Marks will be deducted for answers that are not written using correct grammar and spelling.

Referencing isn’t necessary, but the following questions should be answered in your own words and not copied from sources – marks will be deducted for plagiarism.


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