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ICT101 Designing A Website Structure

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ICT101 Designing A Website Structure :

ICT101 Designing A Website Structure
ICT101 Designing A Website Structure

ICT101 Introduction to the Internet and Web Development

Assignment 1: Website Design Project 1

Designing a website structure

1.Designing A Website Structure Assignment Description

In this assignment, you are required to design a demo for the structure of the website for a chosen organization. You must use PowerPoint or other graphical applications to provide one structure for the website. Then, in the assessment 2, you use HTML5 and CSS features to design this website. The weekly class activities and exercises will help you to acquire the knowledge required to complete this assignment. It is highly recommended that you attend lectures and complete your exercises regularly.

2.  Designing Website Learning Outcomes

This assignment covers the following learning outcomes:

Develop simple web pages from scratch with considering the basic elements

Design effective and user-friendly simple web pages, embracing usability principles and adhering to style guides.

3.  Submission Requirements

This is an individual assignment. You must discuss and finalize the chosen organization

with the instructor in week 5. Submit all your files on Moodle. The assessment was marked out of 25.

4.  Detailed Submission Requirements

You can design websites for any organization e.g. hospital, bank, school, university etc. However, you must adhere to the following requirements when developing your website.

  • Home Page Requirement
    • Contact Page Requirements

For each page, you must be to provide a list of functions that are necessary.


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