Formatting Guidelines For Written Assessments

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Formatting Guidelines For Written Assessments :

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Formatting Guidelines For Written Assessments
Formatting Guidelines For Written Assessments


Formatting Guidelines for Written Assessments

  • Attach a completed Assessment Cover Sheet to all written assessments. This should be the first page of your submitted work. The Cover Sheet is available in your Moodle unit.
  • Written assessments should be submitted in Word format only (unless otherwise specified by your tutor).
  • Save your assessment using this filename format: Student Number_First Name Last Name_Unit Code_Assessment Number.

For example: 1040123_Jane Stott_INT101_Assessment 1

  • Insert a page number at the bottom of each page.
  • Margin: 2.54 cm (or 1 inch) on all sides
  • Spacing: Double spacing
  • Justification: Left-aligned
  • Font style: Use a clear, readable font like Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri. Font size: 12 point

Font colour: Black

  • Avoid unnecessary graphics (e.g. photos, logos) unless required or approved by the lecturer. Appropriate graphical content would include charts, tables, and diagrams. If you are using graphics, they must be relevant and useful in supporting the content of your assessment. Use APA 7 formatting for tables.
  • For standard essays, a Table of Contents is not required (unless requested by the lecturer).
  • Use appropriate referencing and citation. For the Bachelor of Community Services, use the APA 7 referencing system.
  • Include a reference list at the end of your assessment. It should start on a new page

with the heading ‘References’.

  • Observe the word count requirement. Your work will not be penalised if you go under/over the word limit. However, you may still lose marks as a result of failing to meet the assessment criteria (e.g. If you write 2000 words for a 1500-word essay, your lecturer may stop reading at the 1500-word mark and not assess the last 500 words.)

NOTE: The word count excludes the cover sheet and reference list.

  • Direct quotations should not exceed 10% of the overall word count.

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