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DATA4100 Data Visualisation Software

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DATA4100 Data Visualisation Software :

DATA4100 Data Visualisation Software
DATA4100 Data Visualisation Software

DATA4100 Data Visualisation Software Assessment 1 Information

Subject Code:DATA4100
Subject Name:Data Visualisation Software
Assessment Title:The Evolution of Visualisations and Storytelling
Assessment Type:Individual Slide deck – PowerPoint
Word Count:14Slides(+/-10%)
Weighting:25 %
Total Marks:25
Due Date:Tuesday AEST 23:55 pm of Week 4

Data Visualisation Task

To apply theory learnt during the first three weeks of the subject, as well as researching the references supplied in order to answer particular questions.

You will submit your findings as a slide deck with 14 slides on MyKBS.

Assessment Description

  • An individual PowerPoint presentation explaining particular concepts relating to visualisation.
  • We have supplied starting references. You are encouraged to research and use additional references

Assessment Instructions

Face-to-Face and Online students

You are to create an individual slide deck with dot points and illustrations as follows:

  • Cover page (1 slide)
  1. Create three slides explaining (in your own words)
    1. the characteristics of Industry 4.0,
    1. how Industry 4.0 differs from Industry 3.0, and
    1. a real-world application of Industry 4.0. (3 marks)
  • The article below makes suggestions about what Industry 5.0 may look like. Create one slide on characteristics of Industry 5.0. (1 mark)
  • 5-0/
  • Create a slide comparing Tableau, Power BI and ThoughtSpot for constructing visualisations.
  • Research the internet and workshops for these. (3 marks)
  • Create two slides, one explaining the idea of immersive environments and another with a case study of the use of this technology by business. Do not use an example from the workshop – you must research the articles below to find your own. (4 marks)
  • Create three slides on storytelling in business
  • what it is
  • how it can be done and
  • best practice. (4 marks)
  • Create two slides outlining key data visualisation principles (6 marks) Make it clear which references you have used in each section.
  • Referencing and structure (4 marks) – 1 slide
The marks in brackets are the maximum available if the report is perfect!

SUBMIT you work via MyKBS on Tuesday of week 4 by 23:55 pm AEST

Assessment Marking Guide
TaskMax marks available
Description of characteristics of Industry 4.0, b) how it differs from Industry 3.0, and c) a real-world application of Industry 4.0, supported by references  3 marks
  Description of characteristics of Industry 5.0, supported by references1 mark
Comparison of 3 nominated visualisaton software3 marks
Explain the idea of immersive environments and a business case study (where the technology is applied), supported by references4 marks
Describe storytelling in business, i.e. what it is, how it can be done and best practice, supported by references  4 marks
Outline key data visualisation principles, supported by references6 marks
Referencing and structure4 marks

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