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CIS5310 ICT Project Management

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CIS5310 ICT Project Management :

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CIS5310 ICT Project Management
CIS5310 ICT Project Management

Provisional CIS5310 ICT Project Management Assessment 1 & 2 Details

DescriptionMarks out ofWtg (%)Due Date
Online Quiz 12010See the course website
Online Quiz 22010See the course website
Assignment 1 (Report-Project Plan – Part A)10035See the course website
Assignment 2 (Report-Project Plan – Part B)10045See the course website
CIS5310 ICT Project Management


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Extensions and deferred assessment

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Late penalties

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Report Structure

The structure for all the CIS5310 ICT Project Management assessment items in the course can be found through the following links.

Other General Requirements

  • Email submissions will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.
  • Each assignment should be packaged as one single PDF file and then submitted via the link provided through the course study desk
  • All assessment items are individual submissions
  • You are encouraged to discuss the assignment requirements with others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements, but you should develop the solutions to the assessment items on your own.
  • The analysis should be in the context of the selected organization in the industry mentioned below. You are expected to select an organization in the industry mentioned below to demonstrate the requirements of this assignment.
  • You are expected to write a thoroughly researched/analysed critical business report for assignments 1 & 2.
  • You are required to thoroughly research your work and provide citations and references for all information used as per the USQ Referencing guidelines (Harvard referencing format is the acceptable standard)

  • You assume the responsibility to ensure the report you are producing is of high quality, including plagiarism and collision checks. You do NOT need to produce a plagiarism report with the assignment. However, the markers will undertake these checks (using any tools that you have access to), and if any integrity issues are found you will be awarded a score of zero and the work will constitute ‘Academic Misconduct.
  • The assignment submission website will be closed after five working days so that the assignments can be distributed to markers.
  • Any queries regarding these assignments will be closed two working days before the submission date.
NoObjectivesOnline Quiz/Assignments
1Explain and apply core concepts associated with IS/ICT project management and project management framework for the definition, documentation and successful completion of IS/ICT projects;1, 2, 3
2Utilise skills and knowledge areas to successfully manage an IS/ICT project;3
3create and develop a project plan based on industry needs;3 & 4
4Critically select and apply appropriate project management software to manage IS/ICT projects;3
5Explain the ethical implications associated with IS/ICT project management for successful IS/ICT project management;3 & 4
6Collaborate and effectively communicate with peers and team members, including those from culturally diverse backgrounds.3 & 4
CIS5310 ICT Project Management

The objective of this assignment is to assess your understanding of ICT project management concepts and your proficiency in using various ICT project management skills. In particular, the assignment focuses on the following project management knowledge areas in the PMBOK:

  • Team Management and ethical considerations
  • Project integration management,
  • Project scope management,
  • Project schedule management,
  • Project cost management

Assignment Scenario (For Assignment 1 & 2):

Congratulations! You have just been hired as the Information Technology Project Manager for a successful private higher education provider at the university level. The private higher education provider has become increasingly worried about competition from national and international educational institutions for the same services provided by your organization. The CEO has requested that you develop an online support system for executives and customers by incorporating a “Cloud Technology” system so that management, customers, and educational professionals can make informed decisions and their customers can use the system to interact with the selected organization nationally and internationally. This is aligned with the vision of the selected institution to be the leading provider of higher education nationally and internationally.

So far, the selected educational facility is mainly operating on a web platform with limited features, with a call centre model to meet client needs nationally and internationally on a limited scale. However, after careful deliberations, the board of directors felt that a wireless handheld devices-based application through the Cloud technology infrastructure to compete competitively. This has prompted the management to carefully review their IT strategies, workforce capability and capacity, IT infrastructure etc so that they can offer a seamless educational service to internal and external customers for the national and international market and their educational needs. Through these developments, the management is hoping to promote further national and international domains as leading university education providers.

The CEO has made you responsible for this ICT project management aspect. You are expected to manage and develop documentation along with a management report highlighting the integration of Cloud-based technology to meet the organisational current and future needs. To produce this report, the CEO expects you to undertake independent critical high-level research to present a high-quality report that covers various IT project management planning elements, as described, and covered in the course.

You will consider the current organisational aspect and then recommend a way forward as to how this ICT project can be managed and accomplished, through a management report describing all the project planning documents required, by the CEO.

As this domain is new to the CEO, the CEO is not able to provide too many details and expects you to conduct whatever research is required in arriving at the report.

Your task is to develop a professional business report for the CEO. In the business report, you are expected to provide a complete Part A (Assignment 1) of the Detailed Project Plan to provide an initial idea, scope, cost, financial modelling, and other planning aspects related to project management for this project. After which you will be required to produce Part B (Assignment 2) to deliver complete Project aspects related to quality management, communications, risks, and stakeholder aspects related to the integration of cloud- based technology as per the vision of the top management.

Please Note – You are not required to develop any application or interface. This assignment is only to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in handling large ICT projects as described in the course contents.


  1. You are expected to select an organization of your own choice from the industry mentioned above that will not compromise the objectives and scope of the assignment.
  2. As per the focus and scope of the assignment, complete the Detailed Project Plan – Part A, ensuring all requirements outlined in

Assignment 1 is addressed (see below assignment 1 requirements).

  1. Ensure you address each question in the Assignment 1 Description.
    1. Ensure you address all aspects in the Assignment 1 Marking Criteria.
  • Complete the Detailed Project Plan – Part B, ensuring all requirements outlined in

Assignment 2 is addressed (refer to assignment 2 requirements).

  1. Ensure you address each question in the Assignment 2 Description.
    1. Ensure you address all aspects in the Assignment 2 Marking Criteria.

Use of Project Management Software:

The expectation is that, whenever possible and where requested, project management software should be used for this assignment. For Microsoft Project see the below information:

  • You may be able to download Microsoft Project from this link (Free trial version), and select project plan 3: project-management-software

  • This may provide a 30-day trial without the need to enter a credit card.
  • Just need to make a new account to use it.
  • For any issues related to software, you can contact directly to UniSQ ICT Services

Note: In this course, you are NOT expected to develop any actual application or systems

Assignment 1 Description

Detailed Project Plan – (PM Planning) – (marked out of 100)

In the Detailed Project Plan – Part A, you must at least address each of the following requirements adequately:

  1. Project Background Information (two pages maximum) – background information about the selected organization in the domain mentioned above. For this project:
    1. Make necessary assumptions with justifications about the selected organization in the domain mentioned above to ensure you meet the requirements and scope of both assignments.
    1. Provide an outline of the objectives/goals of adopting and implementing/integrating the Cloud-base technology solution, including justifications, that will assist the selected organization in the domain mentioned above in achieving its strategic goals and to help them effectively compete with the current and future competitors in the industry mentioned above.
    1. Briefly outline the implementation/integration of the Cloud-base technology solution for the project and provide justifications to achieve the objectives mentioned above for the organization selected in the previous assessment item.
    1. Provide synthesis analysis of the existing ICT capability of the selected organization and the necessary enhancements needed to expand its ICT unit to incorporate the implementation/integration plans of the Cloud-base technology.
  • Project Charter (two pages maximum) – a project charter is an important document for project management and commencing a project as it formally recognizes the project exists. For this project:
    • Briefly outline the importance of a project charter in the context of the selected organization.
    • Create a project charter template for this project for the selected organization. Ensure the project charter includes:
      • An overview of the key activities involved in the project management process groups for this project (these are: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing processes).
    • Populate the project charter with relevant information for this project.
  • Project Team (two pages maximum) – ensuring a project has the right team members is critical for ICT project success. For this project:
    • Briefly explain the importance of selecting the right team members (with justifications).
    • Outline the team members required for this project and if they are internal or external (contractors, consultants, vendors) and provide justifications.
    • Create a RACI and include team members identified for the project. Outline key activities and populate the RACI for each team member.
  1. Briefly outline important aspects related to team management, such as diversity and rewards, for the successful implementation of the implementing/integrating the Cloud-base technology solution.
  • Social and ethical Considerations (one-page maximum) – various social and ethical issues are potentially likely to arise in any ICT project. Provide an overview of the key considerations that management and the project team need to be aware of when implementing/integrating the Cloud-base technology solution in the organization. For this project:
    • Briefly explain the impact of any social and ethical issues.
    • Identify key considerations for this project, including those related tothe use of the technology itself, project management and people involved with the system.
    • Briefly outline what the impact would be if any of those considerations were to arise.
  • Project Integration Management (two pages maximum) – provides a set of recommendations as to how this ICT-related technology project integration will be managed. For thisproject:
    • Create a high-level project description, achievable, and management plan, bearing in mind the documents requested in this section needs to be presented to external and internal stakeholders. You must fully demonstrate your skills in presenting a project to the board of directors and other stakeholders.
  • Scope Management (two pages maximum) – the management of the scope of any ICT project is important as it has the potential to impact the project’s success and cost. For this project:
    • Explain and justify the importance of ensuring good scope management for projects (withjustifications).
    • Create a Scope Management Plan for this project. This should include the Change Request process to be used and a Change Request form template.
    • You must create a Change Request form template and include it in the relevant section of the scope management plan.
  • Schedule Management (three pages maximum) – schedule management is important for ensuring projects are delivered within desired timeframes, otherwise, there are serious implications including the cost of the project. For this project:
    • Briefly explain and justify the importance of schedule management for the CIS5310 ICT Project Management
    • project, withjustifications.Identify key project milestones and dates for this project.Provide a complete list of activities for the project and populate these into a GANTT chart. Ensure you include the key milestones, dependencies, and slack time. This should indicate how long it will take to deploy the implementation/integration of the Cloud-base technology solution. Briefly explain the GANTT chart for non-technical board members.
    • Create a critical analysis of deliverables for the project. Briefly explain the

visual chart and technical aspects of the project for non-technical board members.

  • Explain how the schedule will be controlled for the project and provide justifications.
  • Cost Management (three pages maximum) –any ICT project success requires effective management of overall costs. For this project:
    • Explain the importance of cost management for the project, with justifications.
    • Explain how costs will be managed, including justifications.
    • Create a Cost Management Plan to ensure costs are managed effectively.
    • Provide a complete cost-benefit analysis, outlining the benefits and costs in some detail. Provide justifications for the costs and benefits. Ensure a brief interpretation with justifications of the key findings is provided for non-technical board members.

Note – for the purposes of this CIS5310 ICT Project Management project please assume the following budget details The total budget is $1,000,000

Salaries per day – assume a typical salary of $550 per day for managers and $350 per day for technical people and $250 for admin people

  • Recommendations and Conclusion (half a page maximum) – provide a Recommendation section highlighting the key recommendations from the detailed project plan Part A and a separate section for the Conclusion, which outlines the key findings of the report with supporting arguments. These sections should be drawn from the content of the actual report.

Other Requirements:

Marks can be deducted for the following errors:

  1. Problems with the format and structure of the report.
  2. Lack of referencing (Harvard referencing format is the acceptable standard).
  3. Spelling, grammar, and expression errors.
  4. Indication of plagiarism/collusion.
  5. Inappropriate use of in-text references.
  6. A late submission penalty will apply as per the USQ/BELA policies and procedures.
  7. Late Submission as per USQ/BELA policies and procedures (these override any other available information).
    1. See the late submission policy of BELA/USQ for further details.
    1. An Assignment submitted more than ten University Business Days after the deadline will have a mark of zero recorded for that Assignment. The assignments and their due dates are listed in the study schedule to give you some forewarning so that you may organize your study program.
  • For this CIS5310 ICT Project Management assignment, you MUST use a plagiarism detection application to ensure that your work is plagiarism- free. Please note that TURNITIN can take time to generate the report, and you are advised to submit your assignment through TURNITIN or any other application well in advance to avoid last-minute delays (you are not required to submit a plagiarism report).
  • Normally, it is hard to put the percentage number correctly on the TURNITIN report as it all depends on the actual report contents produced by the TURNITIN application or any other application. As a general rule, less than 10% is acceptable.
  • A review of any assessment item is only possible if the request is received within 5 days of the release of the marks of the assessment item. After this, no review requests will be accepted.
  • You have the freedom to use any business report-writing format of your choice, as long as the report is a professional business report and presentable.
  • Academic Integrity Mandatory Training: Academic Integrity Mandatory Training

Formatting Requirements:

  • Acceptable Assignment Formats: – RTF document .rtf, at least Word 2007 or above document

.docx, Word document

  • Margins: – Minimum 2 cm, maximum 2.5 cm all around.
  • Font: – Times New Roman, sizes are 11 for the text and 13 for headings.
  • Standard formatting requirements (A4 page, Single space, and 11 font size) for the business report
  • File Naming: – For all assessment items please follow the following digital file naming convention (if you do not follow this you will lose marks):
    • Student last name_Assessment_Name &#_CISXXXX_Student USQ ID
    • For example, the first assignment for CIS8004 was submitted by Joe Bloggs, student # 005890420163. If I (Mr Joe Bloggs) were uploading this assessment item, the file would be named as follow:

o Bloggs_A1_CIS8004_005890420163.doc

Marking Criteria:

Provisional marking criteria for the assignments will be provided through the course website.


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