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STAT20029 Student Assessment

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STAT20029 Student Assessment :

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STAT20029 Student  Assessment
STAT20029 Student Assessment

STAT20029 Student Assessment details for all students

Assessment item 2—Assignment 2

Due date:11:45pm, Friday Week 10ASSESSMENT
Format:Submit one file online as .doc, .docx, .rtf or .pdf

Assessment criteria

  • This STAT20029 Student Assessment must be typed, word-processed or clearly hand-written (but plots and graphs must be done using EXCEL or equivalent software), and submitted online as a single file through Moodle. Important note: The file size must not be over 100MB.
  • Microsoft Excel allows students to cut and paste information easily into Microsoft Word documents. Word also allows the use of Microsoft Equation Editor to produce all necessary formulae (use of these are recommended).
  • It is expected that Excel would be used to assist in statistical calculations for questions in this assignment. Where Excel is used, use copy function, “Snipping tool” or similar to cut and paste relevant parts of the spreadsheet to verify that you have done the work. (In that case there is no need to write the equations.)
  • For those questions where Excel is not used to do the computations, all formulae and working must be included to obtain full marks.
  • Only one file will be accepted in any of the formats mentioned above. No zipped file or any other file extension will be accepted.
  • There will be late submission penalty for submissions beyond the deadline unless prior approval is obtained from the Unit Coordinator through the extension system in Moodle. Under no circumstances any submission that is late beyond 14 days from the deadline of Friday of Week 10 will be marked, or get any score other than zero.

Assignment markers will be looking for answers which

·         demonstrate the student’s ability to interpret and apply the statistical techniques in the scenarios


·         use statistical techniques as decision making tools in the business environment.

Full marks will not be awarded to answers which simply demonstrate statistical procedures without comment, interpretation or discussion (as directed in the questions).


CQU values academic honesty. Consequently, plagiarism will not be tolerated in assessment items. This assignment must be completed by each student individually.

Question 1                                                                                       4 Marks

Visit the Australian Stock Exchange website, Type in the ASX code “COL” (Coles Group Limited), and find out details about the company. Also, type in the ASX code “WOW” (Woolworths Group Limited), and find out the details about that company. Information available in the ASX website will be inadequate for your purpose, you will need to search the internet for more information. Your task will be to get the opening prices of COL and WOW shares for every quarter from January 2013 to December 2021 (unadjusted prices). If you are retrieving the monthly prices, read the values in the beginning of every Quarter (January, April, July, October) for every year from 2013 to 2021 (Total 36 observations). After you have researched share prices, answer the following questions:

  • List all the quarterly opening price values in two tables, one for COL and the other for WOW. Then construct a stem-and-leaf display with one stem value in the middle, and COL leaves on the right side and WOW leaves on the left side. (Must use EXCEL or similar for the plot.)                                                             1 mark
  • Construct a relative frequency histogram for COL and a frequency polygon for WOW on the same graph with equal class widths”. Use two different colours for COL and WOW. Graph must be done in EXCEL or similar software.                                                                                                                           1 mark
  • Draw a bar chart of market capitals (or total assets) in 2021 (in million Australian dollars) of 5 companies listed in ASX that trade in similar products or do similar business as COL or WOW with at least AUD500 million in market capital. Graphs must be done in EXCEL or with similar software.

1 mark

  • If one wishes to invest in COL or WOW, what is the market recommendation STAT20029 Student Assessment (for example, from Morningstar, Fatprophets, InvestSmart, etc.)? If you cannot find the information, what would be your recommendation based on your research of these two companies (trend, P/E ratio, dividend yield, debt and Beta)?           1 mark

Question 2                                                                                       4 Marks

The table below lists the retail turnover by industry group between January 2018 and December 2018.

Retail turnover by industry group between Jan 2018 and Dec 2018 (in $ millions)

Month  Household goodsClothing, footwear and personal accessory  Department storesOther retailingCafes, restaurants and takeaway food services

From the information provided in the table above

  • Calculate the mean and standard deviation for each industry group.                                         1 mark
  • Calculate the Minimum, Q1, Median, Q3 and Maximum values for each industry group.          1 mark
  • Draw a box and whisker plot for the retail turnover of each industry group and put them side by side on one graph with the same scale for comparison. (This graph must be done in EXCEL or similar software and cannot be hand-drawn)                                                                                                                                     1mark
  • Discuss the retail turnover and the trends of each industry group.                                            1 mark

Question 3                                                                                        4 Marks

The Table below is taken from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) website. It provides data on households use of the internet from Household Use of Information Technology Survey, Australia.

From the information provided in the table above,

  • What is the probability that a randomly selected household lives in Tasmania?               1 mark
  • What is the probability that a randomly selected household lives in South Australia and accesses the internet for banking purpose?                                                                                                        1 mark
  • Given that a household lives in Western Australia, what is the probability that a randomly selected household accesses the internet for purchasing goods or services?                                                  1 mark
  • What is the probability that a randomly selected household has accesses the internet for social networking or health services?                                                                                                       1 mark

Question 4                                                                                       4 Marks

  • Melbourne city council found that the average time of a regional train arrival at the Southern Cross station is normally distributed, with a mean of 31 minutes and a standard deviation of 2 minutes.

What value does the upper 5% of the time exceed?                                                        1 mark

  • A marketing company is conducting an experiment in which participants are to taste one of two different brands of tea. Their task is to correctly identify the brand tasted. A random sample of 300 participants is taken and it is assumed that the participants have no ability to distinguish between the two brands.
  • What is the probability that the sample percentage of correct identifications is greater than 55?

1 mark

  • What is the probability that the sample will have between 70% and 80% of the identifications correct?  1 mark
  • It is recorded that the length of action movies shown in a local cinema varies uniformly between 112 minutes and 135 minutes. What is the probability that the length of an action movie will be less than 121 minutes?         1 mark

Question 5                                                                                       4 Marks

  • A local university found that sixty four percent of business management students attend their lecture online. If a random sample of 300 students is selected, what is the approximate probability that at least 125 students actually attended their lecture online? Use normal approximation of the binomial distribution.     1 mark
  • A shopping centre wants to estimate the mean time that shoppers spend at the shopping centre. Find the 95% confidence interval estimate of the mean given the following random sample (in minutes) of 124, 62, 80, 105, 115, 131, 84, 121, 92, 74.                                                                                        1.5 marks
  • Tourism Australia found that 172 out of 450 tourists postponed their travel plans after they had confirmed their travel dates. At 0.01 level of significance, is there evidence that the population proportion of tourists who confirmed their travel plans and postponed their travel dates is less than 0.50?………. 1.5 marks


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