SITHKOP010 Plan And Cost Recipe

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SITHKOP010 Plan And Cost Recipe :

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SITHKOP010 Plan and cost recipe
SITHKOP010 Plan and cost recipe
  Qualification:SIT40521 Certificate IV in Kitchen Management
  Unit Code & Title:SITHKOP010 Plan and cost recipes
  Name of Student: 
  Assessor Name: 
  Submission Due Date: 

Instructions for Students:

  • This is an individual assessment.
  • This assessment coversheet and agreement is enclosed in your portfolio. Please ensure that you sign and date before submission.
  • Before commencing, read all documentation including assessment tasks/activities, simulation pack, portfolio instructions, ATCWA Learner instructions manual and other instructions. If you require further instructions, especially for selecting your own organisation for completing this task, you must discuss with your Assessor first, and ensure that you have access to all required workplace documentation.
  • Plagiarism, collusion, and cheating are strictly prohibited. See the ATCWA Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure for details.
  • All documentation that you submit for this SITHKOP010 Plan and cost recipe assessment must be in in word format. Submissions in any other forms, will be regarded as not yet submitted.
  • Use the following naming convention when saving and submitting assessment documents:

Student ID_Unit Code_ Assessment Title.

  • Any written work submitted should include a footer with your student ID and document page numbers.
  • Before submitting your assessment ensure that you check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • You must keep a copy of all submitted work for future reference. Your Assessor may ask you to resubmit this assessment so keeping a copy is your responsibility. If you fail to resubmit a copy when asked, your assessment will be marked Not Satisfactory.
  • If your first attempt at this assessment is Not Satisfactory (NS), you will be given one other opportunity to resubmit the assessment, however, conditions may apply. Refer to the ATCWA’s Course Progress Policy and Procedure for details.
  • A missed assessment submission will be considered an SITHKOP010 Plan and cost recipe assessment attempt.
  • Your Assessor’s feedback on this assessment will be made available on LMS. Ensure that you check LMS after receiving the grading notification via email.
  • Support is available for students with special needs or learning difficulties, including difficulties surrounding language, literacy and numeracy. If you require any support or modified equipment to complete this assessment, please ask your assessor.
  • To appeal against assessment decisions please refer to the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure available on the college website – content/uploads/2021/08/Complaints-and-Appeals-Policy-and-Procedures.pdf

Student Declaration

  • I declare that this task is all my own work and I have not cheated or plagiarized, or colluded with any other student(s).
    • I understand that if I am found to have plagiarised, cheated or colluded, action will be taken against me according to the ATCWA Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure.
    • I have correctly referenced all resources and have referenced texts throughout this assessment task.
    Signature of Student: 

Task Summary:

Successful completion of this unit requires that you identify the food preferences of customer groups, plan and cost 12 recipes, seek feedback from supervisor or colleagues, and implement improvements to dishes as required. You will also demonstrate your knowledge in planning and costing recipes along with the ability to analyse customers’ preferences and expectations.

Resources Required:

  • ATCWA Learner assessment instructions manual
    • Your learning resources and other information for reference
    • Access to computers
    • Internet and WiFi facilities
    • ATCWA Simulated workplace for conducting meeting

Submission Date:

Your assessor will advise you of the due date of this assessment. Alternatively, check on the LMS for the due date.

Evidence to Submit:

  • Updated 12 recipe cards in spreadsheet format
    • A screenshot of the email 1 sent to your Supervisor (Assessor)
    • Briefing session handout
    • A screenshot of the email 2 sent to your Supervisor (Assessor)


  AtomStep 1 Based on your work experience and the dishes you have made, choose 4 (four) of the following menu types. Consult your trainer, if you require further instructions on selecting menu types or recipes, Menu Styles: à la cartebuffetcyclicaldegustationset or table d’hôte   Step 2 After selecting the menu types, plan and cost recipes for three (3) complete dishes for each menu type. Accordingly, you need to complete 12 recipes in total. The following key information must be included in the recipes that you develop for the 12 dishes. Dish namePortion sizeNumber of servesList of ingredients including quantitiesCost as per unit measuresUnits of measure (grams or KG or Ounce etc)Method of preparation/descriptionEquipmentTotal food costFood cost per serveGSTCustomer profile Develop your own recipe card that includes the above details.

Step 3

Based on the recipes developed above, identify the food preferences of the target customer groups of each recipe and explain the following.

  • Demographic of each customer group
    • Price sensitivity
    • Preferences and expectations

Using the recipe card that you developed above, provide details of each target group of customers applicable to each unit.

Step 4

After developing the recipes and analysing customer profiles of each recipe, meet with your supervisor (Assessor) and seek for their feedback to improve the dishes.

Your assessor will participate in the meeting that you will organise and provide you with feedback on the dishes/recipes you presented.

Step 5

Consider the feedback you received at the meeting with your Supervisor (Assessor).

Write an email to your Supervisor (Assessor) briefly stating the improvements that you would make to those dishes/recipes and you ask for Supervisors permission to proceed with using the improved recipes.

Your final standard recipe cards must be prepared in spreadsheet format.

Take a screenshot of your email and submit for evidence.

Step 6:

Assume that as part of the implementation of your new recipes, your Supervisor has asked you to conduct a briefing session to your colleagues.

The purpose of the briefing session is to introduce the new recipes as well as to develop their knowledge on the following aspects. Prepare a brief handout that addresses the following information.

Email your handout to your Supervisor (Assessor) for approval.

Ensure to attach the handout and to submit a screenshot of the email along with the handout for assessment evidence.

  1. Organisation-specific information:
    1. Sources of information on current customer profile food preferences
    1. Service style and cuisine
    1. Costs of supply for ingredients
  2. Methods and formulas for calculating portion yields and costs from raw ingredients:
    1. Food cost percentage
    1. Budgeted sales price
    1. Standard measures
    1. Standard yield tests
    1. GST addition and subtraction
  3. Characteristics of different menu types including portion size
  1. Food preferences relating to:
    1. Classical and contemporary dining trends
    1. Cultural and ethnic influences
    1. Seasonal dishes
    1. Variety of food products
  2. Characteristics of different customer groups:
    1. Age range
    1. Buying power
    1. Gender
    1. Dietary requirements or preferences
    1. Location
    1. Social and cultural background
  3. Influence of seasonal products and commodities on recipe content
  4. Culinary terms for a variety of cuisines
Open envelopeSubmit the completed evidence for this assessment as per the   Assessor’s instructions.


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